Why Do I Carry a Knife?

I wanted to share my perspective about why I carry a knife as my part of my EDC (every day carry) self defense tool. It can be a rather controversial topic. I list the reasons why I like carrying a knife as part of my personal defense.


Somethings I forgot to mention in the video:

1) The clip is reversible, depending on if you prefer to carry your knife tip up or tip down. I prefer tip up, for those that are curious.

2) Reasons it’s a good idea for women to carry a knife as part of their everyday carry (EDC) and personal protection:

a) lightweight

b) easy to conceal in almost any type of clothes we may choose to wear, year round

c) easy to handle

d) easy to keep with you at all times, in case you get separated from your purse

e) can carry more than one, relatively easily… redundancy is not a bad thing when it comes to your safety


The bottom line for me is that I keep it with me at all times and know that if a bad situation arises, I have at least one, if not more, ways to protect myself. And, you can too!

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