Ultimate Reset Dual Kit

Ultimate Reset Dual Kit


Get healthier together—do the Ultimate Reset® with a spouse or friend! You can support each other and stay accountable while helping cleanse the toxins from your bodies to increase energy, lose weight, and lower cholesterol. You’ll LOOK healthier . . . FEEL healthier . . . and BE healthier—together—with help from the Beachbody Ultimate Reset®.

And to help you maintain your healthy Reset results, we offer convenient options to continue your Ultimate Reset lifestyle:

  • With Deluxe HD, you’ll receive the Dual Kit, PLUS the monthly Ultimate Reset Maintenance Kit after you complete your Reset. Help keep your body in a healthy pH balance and help keep your digestion working at its peak level by continuing with two powerful supplements, Alkalinize and Optimize.* Just $199.90 every 30 days, plus FREE shipping and handling for life! †
  • Ultimate HD helps you live the Ultimate healthy lifestyle by enhancing your Dual Kit with both the Ultimate Reset Maintenance Kit and Tropical Strawberry or Chocolate Vegan Shakeology® after your cleanse. Help keep your body in a healthy pH balance and your digestion at its peak with Alkalinize and Optimize. Our delicious new vegan Shakeology offers high-quality, readily absorbed nutrients and supports your cleansing process.* Get all this for $459.80 every 30 days, plus FREE shipping and handling for life! †

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset Dual Kit includes:

Two complete sets of six supplements, uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health:

  • Alkalinize helps maintain alkalinity.*
  • Soothe helps enhance digestive health and reduce inflammation.*
  • Mineralize adds natural minerals needed by the body.*
  • Revitalize helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.*
  • Optimize promotes a healthy metabolism and effective body functions.*
  • Detox helps remove toxins and waste from the colon.*

The Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions for your 21-day Ultimate Reset journey and a complete three-phase Ultimate Reset Meal Plan.


  • Reset Your Health! includes instructions for your Reset and inspirational Success Stories to help motivate you.
  • Cooking Class! provides a video guide for preparing healthy Ultimate Reset recipes.

Unparalleled support from your Team Beachbody® Coach and fellow Ultimate Reset participants, including a phase-by-phase 24/7 Support Group via Facebook®.

Includes 90-day access to 24/7 Ultimate Reset Participant Portal.
Make the most of your program with all these advantages, exclusively for you:

  • Food preparation videos for each day’s meals.
  • Daily Reset tips, recipes, and shopping lists.
  • Personal experience from fellow participants.
  • Mobile-enabled website content.

2 Ultimate Reset Caddies to conveniently carry your supplements on the go.

2 Ultimate Reset Bracelets to remind you both of your dedication to resetting your bodies and your lives.

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