There You Are…Here I am

There You Are...Here I am



There You Are…Here I am


There You are, arms open wide ready to draw me in and love me as only You can. There You are, to right my wrongs and heal my wounds. There you are, to forgive me each time I mess up. There You are, when I feel all alone. There You are, to give me the promise that each moment holds the hope that good will come out of every situation for my good and Your glory. There You are, watching over me, even when I forget You are there keeping such a close watch over me. There You are, orchestrating events for my future that I may not see for many years to come. There You are, ready to pick me up each time I fall. There You are, to wipe away each of my tears and chase away all my fears. There You are, with a love so unfathonable and I while I may not feel I’m worthy of it, I find that I’m drawn to Your love and eternally grateful for it. There You are, my God, my King, my Daddy God. There You are, where You’ve always been. There You are, everywhere I look. There You are, right in my heart and always on my mind. There You are and I thank You, that there You will always be.


Here I am, longing to be closer to you, Father God. Here I am, in such desparate need of Your love. Here I am, longing for a closer walk with You each day. Here I am, crying Abba, Father. Here I am, Your daughter, Your princess, Your warrior. Here I am, equipped and ready for battle and yet… Here I am, timid and needing to hide at times under the shelter of Your mighty wing. Here I am, with my whole heart and life surrendered for You. Here I am, your little girl ready to jump up in your lap and spend as long with You as I can. Here I am, Your vessel, Your hands, Your feet, Your eyes, Your ears, Your heart. Here I am, with You, where I always want to be. Here I am, praying that all I do will be to Your honor and glory. Here I am, with my heart open and my life surrendered to Your call, to Your will and to Your glory. Here I am, following You wherever You lead me. Here I am, in need of the courage that is required to go where You lead me. Here I am, Father God, to sing of Your wonders and proclaim there is liberty through Your precious Son, my Lord Jesus. Here I am, Lord, send me. Here I am, use me as You will. Here I am, lead me on… Here I am, because there You are…always loving, always leading, always protecting, always providing, always ready to offer me more than I could ever hope for or need, always with my best interest in Your heart. Here I am, because You placed me where I am today and purposed more for my life than I can see. Here I am, because You have graciously brought me this far, walking with me each day. Here I am, all for You. There You are…Here I am…into Your open arms and Your lap I leap… and now, here we are…forever, together, as You always inteded it to be.

God bless,


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