The Hunt For Hidden Treasures

Like a seasoned archeologist, may we carefully dig through God’s Word searching for all hidden, rare and valuable treasures that seem to have become more precious and valuable with time…Never in a hurry, never wanting to miss a single thing… As we read His Word each day, may we sift through all the lies the enemy has buried in our minds and allow God’s Word to reveal itself, as we patiently dust off the layers that hold the treasure of Him beneath it.
Like the ancient scrolls found in the Qumran caves, the truth is often closer than we think…we can go all around it, day after day, passing it by…missing it for years. We can be in great need of “something” to help us make a better life for us and our family…but oh how God loves when His children one day stumble across the hidden treasures of His Word and once we find it, we will then realize it’s been around us all along, just waiting to be discovered, unearthed and enjoyed and treasured by all.
                                                                  Qumran Cave                Qumran Caves with Labels tb52705290 800
Let us not allow a single piece of God’s sweet love to be missed in His Word each day. The daily and lifelong hunt, the search, the quest, can be as enjoyable and priceless as the find itself… Enjoy both the journey and the adventure of walking daily with God and seeking Him in His Word. May we take the care to dig deep, dig slow and dig as carefully as a seasoned archeologist, but not lose the thrill of a young archeologist apprentice that stumbles upon their first discoveries… selah.
God bless and welcome to the adventure of your life, enjoy every moment of it!
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