Book Review: The Fallen Angels and The Heroes of Mythology

Title: The Fallen Angels and The Heroes of Mythology: THE SAME WITH, “THE SONS OF GOD” & “THE MIGHTY MEN” OF THE SIXTH CHAPTER OF THE FIRST BOOK OF MOSES Author: Rev. John Fleming, A.B.  Publisher: Defender Publishing reproduced this work with the original publications from Hodges, Foster, and Figgis Publishers to […]

Book Review: The Book of Enoch 2

Title: The Book of Enoch Author: R. H. Charles (Translator) Publisher: Defender Publishing (Reproducing this work) with original publication by Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge (London 1917)     Back Cover: The Book of Enoch The Bible, as we hold it today, is esteemed by many religious institutions and especially conservative Christians, to be […]

Book Review: Genesis 6 Giants–Volume 2-Revised, Updated and Expanded

Title: Genesis 6 Giants Volume 2: Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations Author: Stephen Quayle Publisher: End Times Thunder Publishers     Back Cover: Genesis 6 Giants Volume 2 In this second edition of Genesis 6 Giants, author Stephen Quayle reveals the overwhelming evidence that biblical giants as well as […]