Shakeology Results – This is What Happened to Me!

Shakeology Results

Please…not another shake: before Shakeology

Ok, let me set the scene, here I am 43-years old and out of shape.  I used to be in great shape, what seems like many, many years ago, and I knew that I could be again, if I could just get started. My wife (Ally) and I had tried a number of things over the years, trying to get back into shape and yet we still struggled. I always thought I would start exercising, get in shape and motivate her to start, well it happened the other way around.  She ran into some people getting great results on Facebook and she asked what they were doing, “working out and drinking Shakeology” was the reply.  They were getting great Shakeology results, so Ally started.  It wasn’t long after she started that she asked me to start taking it. To be honest, I wasn’t all that interested, but she said all that I would have to do is just drink one shake a day, that’s it.  I’ve had these types of shakes before, but I’ll try it, besides I usually skip breakfast and this would be an easy way to get something in on the way to work.

This was the start of my unofficial Shakeology test and I wondered what my Shakeology results would be? Like I said, I’m getting older, my metabolism isn’t as fast as it used to be. I’m just under 5”10’ and at the time I started this I was 226 pounds! Hey any help this can give me would be appreciated and I need to do something; I was ready to make a change.

 Shakeology Results



During my unofficial test: What was it like?

So what did Shakeology taste like? I had the chocolate version, and it tasted great.  It has to be one of the best tasting shakes that I’ve ever tried.  I mixed mine with water, that’s it. I know a lot of people like to mix it with lots of stuff, but plain water is just fine, though I did try peanut butter and it was really good.  You just put it in the shaker cup, shake and go. Quick and easy, which is great for someone that is always one the run, like I am.

I started noticing some Shakeology results within the first week; I lost weight!  Not much, but some and I never changed anything else that I ate. So far this was easy.  As the next few weeks passed I lost more and more weight, ok, I thought, this couldn’t be just water weight. Again I didn’t make any changes to my diet and I didn’t exercise this entire time either! I don’t know if you know the feeling or not, but when you start losing weight, you gain energy, I think it’s because there is less of you to move. Well so far my Shakeology results were really impressing me. I wasn’t so tired. I’m starting to think about working out!


The unofficial Shakeology results

I can only tell you how it worked for me and I can’t say that you’ll get the same results as me; some may get better some not as good.  My unofficial Shakeology results test ended after about 2 months of just Shakeology alone. I say it ended because I started working out at that point and continued to drink my Shakeology. So what were my Shakeology results? I ended up losing 18 pounds from Shakeology alone, I wasn’t tired and had a ton of energy, so much that I wanted to start exercising again, so I did P90X! I lost a lot of inches as well, how much I’m not sure, but my clothes fit looser and I had to tighten up my belt a few notches.




So was it worth it? What’s the verdict?

It was definitely worth it, I hardly did anything, just drink one shake a day (and it even tasted good!) and the hardest part was remembering to drink it!  I would have to say that toughest part was remembering to drink it and I bet my Shakeology results probably would have been better if I never missed a day.

I’ve wanted to get back into shape and I was having a hard time just starting.  I was tired, there was too much to do, you know the excuses. When you are where I was, it is more of a mental struggle than a physical one just to get going.  The best thing that my Shakeology results gave me was my desire to get back into shape and to start working out again.  I gained a feeling of accomplishment and begin to believe that I could do anything I set my sights on and what a relief, I had given up hope.  And that is what my Shakeology results gave me…my life back.


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