Run Toward Your Goliath: Acting in faith when facing a mountain of fear

Run toward your GoliathRun toward your Goliath



I know we’ve heard the story of David and Goliath so many times. I’m sure what I’m about to share has been shared by many others, but it was a new word of encouragement to me. I was reading the story of David and Goliath in my Bible and something caught my eye, that I’d missed the previous times that I’d read it. I’ve been so moved and encouraged by David’s faith, bravery and strength in the face of such a mountain of a problem, but then I saw something that really amazed me…he ran. When was the last time you’ve run toward your Goliath.

Run toward your Goliath

In verse 48 that is says that David ran quickly towards Goliath. That’s AWESOME! He not only faced this giant, he not only ran toward him, but he ran quickly toward Goliath! Okay, some may say he ran because he was afraid he might change his mind, but I think he was filled with faith and ready to take down the one that was saying bad things about God and coming against His people.

I’m not proud to admit that I’ve acted more times in my life out of fear than faith, but there have been times that fear didn’t paralyze me into not acting. Even in the face of fear, I did what I knew I need to anyway, but the thought of running towards something that makes most people’s knees shake, now that’s encouraging to see. It gives me courage to know that David did this, because it helps me to know that when I come up against something that would scare most people, I can keep my faith in God, knowing the battle is His and not mine and He will deliver me. Faith in Him can give me the courage to run towards my Goliath rather than cowering from it or worse, running from it.


Words of encouragement

It’s my prayer that this will help you run toward your Goliath as well. What are you facing that looks impossible? What has God called you to do that you’re just not sure if you’re equipped to do it? What are you up against that has everyone around you sure that you can stand up to the challenge? Whatever it is, please know that God is for you and if He is for you, no one can be against you. If God battles for you, the victory is already yours. Rather than being intimated by our opposition, let’s take up the faith of David and trust in the Lord to deliver Goliath into our hands today. Let’s not just approach him, but run quickly toward Goliath and get the victory that God has promised us…now that’s mountain moving, earth shaking and life changing faith in action!

This is your time to stand and declare victory, boldly, in the name of the Lord and bring not only victory to your life, but to the lives of all those around you. How? When we see someone act in bold faith, it somehow deepens, strengthens and quickens our own faith and so when you run with great faith toward your enemy, get the victory, you will find that those that were once standing behind you in doubt, will now come out with full strength against their enemies too. Allow God to use you today, in your situation to not only give you the victory and strengthen your faith, but for all those around you too.


It’s time to run toward your Goliath!

For the full story of David and Goliath, please seeĀ 1 Samuel 17:31-58

God bless,

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