PiYo: What is it?

PiYo: What is it?

PiYo: What is it?

Chalene Johnson created this program over 12 years ago and named it PiYo after Pilates and Yoga, but later realized that it was not really Pilates or Yoga. So, what is it? She calls it “functional flexibility.” What is that? It incorporates moves for strength and flexibility that are smilier to Pilates and Yoga, but incorporates cardio moves that help burn fat and calories. Chalene mentioned in a recent interview that she thought Pilates and Yoga were good workouts, but were not quite what she was looking for. She wanted to have the flexibility and strength gained from these two workouts, but needed to MOVE and it was missing one of her favorite futures, good music! So, she designed PiYo to do all those things. PiYo is a 60-day low-impact, high intensity body transformation program. While it may seem familiar to those that enjoy the benefits of Pilates or Yoga, this is a much faster paced workout, due to the incorporation of cardio. This is also a great workout because it requires little equipment.



How long are the workouts?

They range from 25-45 minutes per workout.

What is the workout schedule?

1 workout per day, 6 days per week and for 60 days.


How much space will I need to do this workout?

Just enough space for you to step side to side in all directions.


What kind of shoes do I need?

You can either use cross trainers or your bare feet.

Does this program come with a measuring tape to help me track my progress?

Yes. It will be in the side pocket with the guides.


Can this be used as a hybrid with other Beachbody workouts?

Yes. It’s a great compliment for more intense workouts like P90X3, that don’t have a lot of time for flexibility training.


What are the kit and equipment details for this program?

PiYo DVD Base Kit

60-day Money Back Guarantee


Workouts include:

Align: The Fundamentals (40 minutes) – A breakdown of all the moves you will need to help perfect your form and get the best possible results with PiYo.
Define: Lower Body (25 minutes)- This workout helps you sculpt sleek and lean legs, while lengthening and stretching your entire lower body, glutes all the way down to your calves.
Define: Upper Body (35 minutes)- Chisel away at your upper body to reveal sculpted triceps and shoulders.
Sweat (35 minutes)- This fast-paced effective cardio workout, also incorporates bodyweight resistance to help you sculpt your entire body.
Core (30 minutes)- Build a strong core and back, while chiseling out sculpted abs and obliques.
Strength Intervals (25 minutes)- 25 minutes will be all you can handle with this nonstop calorie burning workout that requires no weights, no equipment and gives you zero bulk.
Drench (45 minutes)- An endurance workout designed to maximize your fat burning potential, while working every muscle in your body. You’ll be left drenched as you ignite your metabolism and burn away your unwanted fat.
Sculpt (30 minutes)- This muscle endurance workout will put your muscles under serious tension as the tempos vary for different periods of time. You’ll love the metabolic transformation this workout will provide.
Buns* (25 minutes)- You can’t get too much glutes and legs work can you? This workout will lift, tone, tighten, and redefine your entire backside, leaving you with a tight and round butt.


Team Beachbody Bonus Workout

Hardcore on The Floor (30 minutes)- In this unique workout, you will use your own bodyweight to develop long, lean muscles and sculpt strong abs, glutes, legs and arms without ever leaving the floor.


Equipment required:




Quick Start Guide
60 Day Calendar


Free Gifts:

Items you can keep with purchase, even if you return the product for a refund.
Buns* (workout listed above)
Get Lean Eating Plan Tape Measure
24/7 Online Support


The PiYo Deluxe Kit

60-day Money Back Guarantee


Kit includes:

Everything listed in the PiYo DVD Base Kit

Plus these Deluxe Workouts:

Full Body Blast (30 minutes)- A total body workout using the Beachbody Strength Slides to increase your fat-burning potential.
Strong Legs (30 minutes)- Using the Beachbody Strength Slides, you will lunge, squat and stretch your way to amazing legs and glutes, giving you the strongest, leanest and most defined legs you’ve ever had.


Equipment included:

Beachbody Strength Slides with Booties
Yoga Mat*



Quick Start Guide
120 Day Calendar


Free Gifts

All items listed as free with the Base Kit
Yoga Mat*


Who can do PiYo?

From beginners to advanced fitness levels.


Is there a modifier in PiYo?

Yes. It’s really important for people with injuries to exercise with caution when they first begin, to insure that they don’t injure themselves further. Chalene has done something quite impressive and very thoughtful in her latest workout program, she has added a modifier who does all the moves on an angle, a 45 to 90 degree angle. Why? Chalene thought, and I agree, that it’s really important and helpful to see the proper alignment of the modifier. From someone who really appreciates the modifies, this was a wonderful addition to what I expect will be another great workout form Chalene Johnson.


What can you expect from PiYo?

I believe that we can expect another amazing workout, to see Chalene at her best and benefit from her fitness expertise, as well as her super motivating and fun-loving personality. I believe we will get a great workout, see amazing results and have a really fun time in the process. After reviewing the descriptions of these workouts, I don’t expect it to be easy, but that would be true to Chalene’s passion for helping better the health of anyone willing to do whatever it takes to make life changing improvements to their health. I believe this will be a low-impact and high intensity workout, just as she promised and if we are willing to do our part, I trust she will expertly deliver on her promises.


Need accountability and support?

I will be starting my new PiYo workout soon and I’m really excited about gaining flexibility, strength and core stability, not to mention burn fat and look AMAZING! I have a lot of recurring injuries from old military injuries that have never fully healed. I’m looking forward to seeing great results in my over health and fitness with this program.   If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Please also share your great results with us, because we love to hear about other people’s success stories. If you need our help, please don’t hesitate to email at getfitwithally@gmail.com.


Yours in good health and fitness,



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