PiYo Preview: Chalene Johnson’s NEW Workout!

Beachbody PiYo Preview

PiYo Preview: Chalene Johnson’s Newest Workout

Beachbody’s celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson and Beachbody are soon to release her latest workout program, PiYo.


PiYo Preview: What is it? 

PiYo is a great high-intensity, low-impact workout that incorporates strength training with flexibility through stretching, but if I know Chalene, it’s not your ordinary stretching. This workout will help you build great looking lean muscles. Chalene is great at taking the ordinary and turning on it’s head to get maximum results in the safest way and the shortest amount of time. This workout also has cardio, so don’t despair cardio lovers, Chalene hasn’t let you down! If you’re like me and just never really clicked with Pilates or Yoga or maybe you’d like to try something new, this may be just the workout you’ve been waiting for.


PiYo Preview: What can you expect?

Improved flexibility, balance, posture and strength. You can expect the legendary Chalene Johnson motivation throughout the workouts, to help keep you pumped and motivated! No bulking up in this workout and it won’t strain your joints. NICE combo!


PiYo Preview: What equipment will I need?

Your own body. Yup, that’s it. But don’t let that fool you, Chalene will make you work and thankful you are needing to bring more to the table! You will be using your body to help develop lean muscle and increase your flexibility.


PiYo: What is the release date?

There has not been an official release date announced YET! But, we have our suspicions and believe it’s not as long as you think.


PiYo Preview: What comes with the program?

Not sure. Yet. We will be doing more updates as we learn more about this great new program from Chalene and we’re really excited to be among the first to share this info with you!


PiYo Preview: How can I find out more details?

You can either leave your email address in the comment section below or send your email address to getfitwithally@gmail.com, with PiYo Updates in the subject line and we will send you updates as they become available.


PiYo Preview: Sneak Peak


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