Peter Walked On Water


Peter Walked On Water



 Peter Walked On Water: What can we learn from this bold Galilean fisherman?

“What was it like?” asked Thaddaeus.

“What was what like?” asked Peter.

“Walking on water.”


“What did it feel like? I mean, what was going through your mind while you were walking on the water heading toward our Master?”

“All I could do was keep my focus on our Lord. I just couldn’t take my mind or my eyes off of Him.”

“What were you thinking and feeling when you began to sink?”

“Why did I get out of the boat? What was I thinking? Why did I take my eyes off of Him? Am I going to die?”

“Why did you take your eyes off of Him?”

“The winds picked up, remember? The waves grew taller. I only glanced for a second, but that’s all it took, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” said Thaddaeus. “Would you do it again?”

“Yes. This time, I would not take my eyes off of our Lord. It’s funny, as long as I stayed fully focused on Him, I felt nothing was impossible for me. He called me to Him, He gave me the power to do the impossible and I knew He was right there with me. I only doubted and was afraid for a brief moment. In that moment though, I began to sink and instantly all I could think about was that I was going to die! That’s when I cried out for our Lord to save me. And He did. The first thing He said was that I had little faith and asked why I doubted. How could I have had enough faith to get out of the boat, but not enough to keep walking towards Him?”

“Perhaps that’s how life is Peter. We find that it’s easy to take the first step, as we are so focused on our Lord, but when the winds begin to really pick up, we can lose focus, we lose sight of Him and then…we begin to sink. I don’t blame you. I think it was bold that you even get out of the boat. You may remember that you sunk and that may be a story told for years to come, but what I’ll remember is that there were eleven of us that didn’t dare to even try. We didn’t dare to believe, as you did. We never thought to climb out of the boat in the first place. So, while you may have had a moment where you began to sink, you had what none of us will ever have, the moments just before you started to sink, when you walked on water.”

“I guess you’re right. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I was really beating myself up over losing faith and sinking. Thanks Thaddaeus. I was a bit afraid, but just had to go to Him. Anyone could have done the same.”

“Yeah, but only you did.”

“True. But, you can too. There will be many opportunities in the days to come to go to Him and to someone somewhere, it will look like a miracle. It may not be on water, but it will be miraculous all the same and all for His glory. Funny what we can accomplish if we pursue Him and long to be with Him at all costs. We just can’t lose sight of Him, as we are going towards Him, but I’ve learned that even if we do, He is right there to catch us and help us up, even if it’s with a bit of a gentle reprimand for doubting.”

“No matter what happened after you got out of that boat, Peter, I will never forget the lesson you taught me.”

“What lesson was that?” Peter asked with a slight chuckle.

“It’s better to get out of the boat and go after our Lord, despite our fear, than to stay in the boat and miss being part of a great miracle. It was enough of a miracle to see Jesus coming toward us on the water, but then He is after all the Son of the true living God. But when I saw YOU get out of the boat and walk on water, THAT was the true miracle. To see what is possible when you believe our Lord can give us the power to do the impossible. When you step out of the boat in faith. When you set aside your fears and boldly go forward in faith.”

“You know what lesson I learned that day?”

“What’s that, Peter?”

“That no matter how bad the wind picks up in life, never, ever to take your eyes of our Lord. Nevertheless, for years to come, they will say, ‘he sunk’.”

“Yeah, but first, they will have to say, Peter walked on water!”

They both sat in silence and watched Jesus as He engaged with a few Pharisees and scribes. “This should be interesting…” Peter said with a smirk.



May we boldly step out in faith to allow Jesus to work through us, to increase our faith and the faith of those around us. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I pray it blessed you.



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