Passion is Gone: What is left?

Passion is Gone: What is left?



I read something this morning about passion. The post was in reference to making sure we don’t rely so much on passion that we find ourselves no longer serving God when the passion is gone. I just wanted to explore this a bit. Passion is a very effective and powerful emotion. It can show itself in the most beautiful way imaginable with love or it can take on the most vile thing you never care to see in the form of hatred. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather focus on the love aspect of passion.


When we love, we have passion and it can be said that when we have passion, we love, but is this always the case? No. Let’s just safely say that it’s not always the case. It’s often hard to imagine one without the other but be sure that when passion is gone, true love will hold you to your promises. I’m not just referring to the love of our spouse, but to the love of our God.

Passion can be shown in bad ways as well. Many people can be very passionate about what they do but not necessarily have a love for it. I’ll leave it at that.

Okay, so what happens when the passion dies? Well, if it’s really love, it will be the fuel that can keep you going when you want to stop. Let’s say persistence is the vehicle you use to travel and passion has just run out of gas, but now love is what fuels the rest of the journey. But if you find love fueling you now, it was more than likely fueling you along.


Where am I going with all of this?

When someone calls you names, perhaps it’s someone you love or a fellow believer, or someone hits you or hurts you or does something worse because of your belief, what now? I trust these things are enough to take the passion out of most people. Perhaps it’s not that dramatic, maybe it’s a case of you’ve been quietly serving the Lord waiting for your time, your calling, but still feel like it hasn’t come, what now? This is a very easy way to lose your passion, but what happens?

Some may leave the faith, some may just wander off a bit you might say, some may just not serve with the same “passion” as they did before.

What can we do?

Love. What? Yes, love. Lean on love, draw from it, cling to it with everything you’ve got, learn from it, embrace and above all…freely give it away to as many as you can. I was thinking about the two greatest commandments. Jesus says: they are first to “love your God with all of your heart, soul and mind,” while the second one is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-49) No mention of passion. Not one time. Love, not passion will drive us to press on in the worst of situations. Love, not passion will help you to stand back up and serve our loving God each time someone knocks you down.

In a world that leans very heavily on passion, I’m left wondering is it right? I have a good friend that say that if the whole world is doing it, it’s probably not right. I have to agree. Wide is the road to destruction and it will have many people on it…find a different, less traveled path. If the world calls us to be passionate, I say we go back to what God calls us to do…love.

Love, it is what should be present when passion is present, but it must be what remains when passion is gone…for in the presence of love we will find hope for healing and a better future. We can ask God for the love of Christ, the kind of love that lasts and can stand in the face of all things that come against us and help us to continual move forward each day to serve Him faithfully.

Love…we can, because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

God bless,

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