My P90x recovery drink review: Does this stuff really work?


 P90X recovery drink review



With my P90X recovery drink review, I’d like to mention that I have tried lots of supplements and shakes in the past, but what I really like about the P90X Recovery drink is the taste.  The official name of this is “P90X Results and Recovery”, but I call it the P90X recovery drink, we’ll just use these two interchangeably here.  Like most things that you buy for supplements, you kind of take for granted that they put good stuff in it, and that comes down to trust in who’s making it.  The Beachbody Company has been working hard to make their name reputable and over delivering on what they make. They have held back the release of workouts and supplements if something wasn’t their specification so they could produce their standard of product, even if it cost them money.  Not many companies would do that.  To make this long explanation short, I trust this company, and what’s in this drink.


P90X recovery drink review: let’s review what’s in it.

Like I said above, when you buy a supplement you take for granted that it’s got good stuff in there and the P90X recovery drink does.  What I like is that it’s not just full of carbohydrates, it also contains a high Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) to help your body recovery from your strenuous workouts and help build it up stronger and faster.  I’m not going to go too deep on the nutrition here and I tried to find a good video that would explain what’s in it, but I spent 20 minutes looking for one online, and still couldn’t find a good one.  I may have to make one myself!  Well sorry that I didn’t give you too much information on the exact ingredients, yes you can find them online, and I’m sure that if I included a big explanation here, you probably would have skipped over it anyway, right?


Here are the ingredients and supplement facts:




 So here’s the big point of this…   

The big point of this P90X recovery drink review is that they (the people in the white coats that spend all their time looking in a microscopes, running tests and mixing formulas) have found that there is a window of opportunity of about an hour after you workout that you can increase your body’s ability to recover by more than 100%. That is huge, not 10% or 50%, but more than 100%!  These people (remember the white coats) found that the key component to maximizing this “window of opportunity” is a formulation of approximately 4 parts carbohydrates to 1 part protein, and this is what’s in the P90X recovery drink.


Lab Worker


So let’s finally get to the important part, how does it taste?

I mentioned it in the first sentence of this post, the best part is the taste, it taste really good.  Ok, what’s “good”? One person’s “good” is another person’s “gross” so I know that doesn’t tell you much. The flavor is described as “smooth orange”, and it reminds me of an orange creamsicle, but not overly sweet, and yes it’s smooth.  It is hard to describe a taste, it’s a personal thing but I and everyone one that I know of that has tried it really likes the taste.  I don’t think that you would be disappointed by the taste, unless you hate anything that has an orange flavor, then you probably won’t like it, but then again you still might like it.


My P90X Recovery Drink Review- packets

Also available in convenient packets!



Wrapping up this P90X recovery drink review:

Yes I had some fun typing up this P90X recovery drink review and I do really like this drink, and yes I do use it, as much as I can. But in all seriousness, after you have been pushing hard during your workouts, you get tired and fatigued, and you start not looking forward to your next workout. There were times when I really looked forward to my rest day, where I could recover and re-group for the next workout.  When you start to over train, any help you can get to allow your body to recover, you need to take it.  Eat clean (I’ll talk about this another time) get as much good nutrition in you as you can, get plenty of rest, drink a lot of water and get the P90X Results and Recovery drink.  When you start pushing yourself (even if you’re a beginner, especially if you’re a beginner!), you’re going to want to do everything you can to help your body recover from your workouts, and the P90X Results and Recovery does help.


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P90X recovery drink review - Tub



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