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P90X Insanity Hybrid

What is a P90X Insanity Hybrid?

P90X or Insanity? Which workout should you do? Which one is your favorite? Why not do a P90X Insanity hybrid workout?  With this combo workout you get the best of both workouts by doing them both at the same time.

Well that is probably a silly question because it is exactly what it sounds like, a combination of the two most popular workouts, and if you’ve done these separately before, this is a great way to refresh these workouts.  If you’ve never tried either of these workouts before this is a great way to do both of them at the same time! Probably a better question is how do you make a P90X Insanity hybrid workout?  How do you combine these into one workout without exercising for 2 hours a day or working so hard that you can’t do it?  Well let’s take a look…


P90X Insanity Hybrid: The Combination

I have to be honest with you, I have not done this combination, YET, because it looks like it would be a great workout.  I have a list of workouts to do. I’ve done P90X twice and Insanity perhaps will be my next workout (Body Beast looks good also) but after a few workout programs, I want to do this P90X Insanity hybrid workout!  Since I haven’t done this one, I looked up the actual workouts and took a look at what was being done on each day, so I could get a feel for the entire program.  I’ve included the P90X Insanity hybrid workout sheets below so you could download them if you want them or just to look at the workout schedule.


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The P90X Insanity hybrid uses the weight lifting days of P90X and instead of the P90X cardio in between these days, they inserted Insanity cardio on these days.  P90X is a series of working out for 3 weeks then the 4th week is a recovery week, then back to working out for another 3 weeks.  This continues for 3 cycles changing every 4 weeks to give you 90 total days, but changing up the workouts with every cycle.  With this P90X Insanity hybrid, the typical P90X recovery week which is usually cardio and stretching (yoga) and no weights, has been replaced by more Insanity workouts.  It still incorporates some yoga, but ouch, more Insanity workouts on the recovery week?  But they didn’t call it a recovery week here, they just list the workouts.  At least they didn’t try to sugar coat it. All this  might make more sense if you look at the workout sheets.


What do you think? Would you do it?

I think I would. I think that if you were in good shape at the start of this hybrid, it would definitely get you in better shape.  I don’t think that this would be a good routine for someone just starting out exercising.  P90X and Insanity are both tough on their own, together it would be a lot to take on.  I know that when I did P90X, I looked forward to that recovery week, to give my muscles a break. This P90X Insanity hybrid doesn’t seem to give you much of a rest and that’s the main reason that I say it may be really tough to start out with.  By the time I get to this, I should be in better shape than I am now and will be able to really push myself with this workout and I can just imagine the results.

If you’re thinking about doing the P90X Insanity hybrid workout, I say go for it and give it your best shot.  But I would advise against it if you’ve never done either of these workouts, just a word of warning. Either way, I’d love to hear how it goes for you. You can click on the pictures below to get a little bit more information about both of these workouts and don’t forget to download the workout sheets by clicking on the picture above.


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P90X Insanity Hybrid

P90X Insanity Hybrid

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