Overcomer: What to do when we want to stop climbing




To be an overcomer…

We cannot be overcomers if don’t have things to actually overcome. Embrace your challenges and believe that good things will result from them, because even if the enemy intends it for your harm, please know that God means it for not only your good, but for the good of others as well. (Genesis 50:20)

What can we do to be an overcomer in a tough situation?

It can be really tempting to quit when the climb gets tough. The pain and fatigue of the arduous climb sets in. What do we do when we find we are ready to quit when we’ve already come so far? The temptation is to turn back. Though it’s as much effort to turn back as it is to press on, we will often believe the enemy’s lies that it’s easier to turn back and try again another day or simply give up. For those that dare to not believe the lies, for those that dare to believe what God says, for those determined believers there is a reward awaiting them that will be hard to match. There will not only be the sense of survival of something we once thought would crush us, but the thrill of overcoming a great battle. At the beginning of our climb we were sure we could reach the top and somewhere along the way we became convinced that there was no way we could do it. In the end, if we push passed the pain, the frustration, the fatigue, the doubts, the fears and all that makes us want to quit, then we will enjoy the rewards of the victory.

Even if it is inch-by-inch, keep climbing my friend and trust that the view from the top of your mountain is going to be worth every painstaking effort it took for you to reach the peak. And if you slip, trust that God has a strong hold on you, greater than any rope that man could make and He will not allow you to fall…you are secure in His grip.


 But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. ~Romans 8:37

You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. ~1 John 4:4


Trust that you have a reason for climbing this mountain and don’t give up until you reach the top! Believe what God says about you, believe that through Jesus you are an overcomer. Blessings to you for a safe climb, yet challenging enough climb to help you grow to new heights and once you reach the top, may the view take your breath away…

God bless,

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