Ever Have One of THOSE Days?



Ever have one of THOSE days?


Ever have one of those days? I’m sure that everyone has had “one of those days,” days that you don’t really feel like doing anything. Work passed by slowly, in my job there is always something different happening and someone different walking in the door with something different going on. But that still wasn’t enough today. It was just one of those days…

Today was one of those days that it was hard to keep my brain on any one thing, really on anything. Could it be the lack of sleep last night? Could it be stress, the not so good diet for the past few days, or too much caffeine and not enough water? Well I’m sure any one of those by itself could make you have one of those days, but I know the combination doesn’t help either. For me, the hardest part of a day like this is concentrating on anything. Something will catch my attention, but soon, very soon, I’m off in another direction. Like I said, it has been hard to fix my brain on any one task, and really not getting any task done.


The workout will fix it…

Did I mention that today was one of those days?? That’s probably all I have to say about the workout, I’m sure you’ll understand. Please don’t make me go into details. I don’t like having days like today, I like being full of energy, I used to feel like this a lot before I lost all the weight that I did. This really reminds me of how I used to feel all the time and I don’t like it. Again it’s the lack of mental clarity that I don’t like the most (I think I said that a few times – see what I mean!)


What to do…

Ok, I have to be honest with myself; I’ve seen or rather felt this coming on for the past few days. Days of just not feeling like myself or at least not feeling like I should or want to. Really? Days? Has it been weeks? It could be. So when I get to this point, (maybe you’ve been here before?) you feel like you need to do something, but what? I just mentioned to my beautiful wife, Ally, today that I don’t feel like eating much, that I haven’t had much of an appetite lately and said that I felt like I needed a “liquids only” fast for a couple of days. She said that I should do the Shakeology 3-day fast (she is really smart) and at first I thought to myself, no thank you, I want to be able to eat solid food. It’s funny how you don’t want something until you can’t have it and then you want it! Well, as I’m writing this (honestly I didn’t know where I was going with this) I’m thinking that a 3-day Shakeology cleanse is probably just what I need.


What is a 3-day Shakeology cleanse?

I’ll explain it in a little more detail in another post, probably with tomorrow’s post, but basically it’s what it sounds like. It’s a 3-day mini-cleanse, not to the degree of the Ultimate Reset (which I’m going to do soon!), but a mini-cleanse that has Shakeology as its core. Sometimes your system gets backed up from all the not-so-good food that you eat, the toxins that you are exposed to, the stress in your life and your body and your brain don’t work like they should. Since it’s been one of those days for me, I’ve discovered that I really need to do this (Ally is so smart!!).


One of those days, a build up of Junk and Toxins!

So that is my self diagnosis, I know very technical… but it’s true. I believe this happens more often than people think, a build up of junk and we don’t work like we’re supposed to. I, for one, am tired of feeling this way, how about you? Maybe this will inspire you to give it a try too.


Yours in health and looking forward to a better, more focused tomorrow 😉


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one of those days

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One of those days

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