No Strangers To Adversity


Trust in the Lord

We are no strangers to adversity. We struggle as to what we should share, because some things are very difficult to share, especially on social media, but we trust God. We trust if we will allow Him to use us, even in the hard times, He will use us to bless others, for His glory and all this He will use to bring good out of very tough times.

Yesterday, after we came home from work, before I was heading out to get more on the job training with real estate, we got a letter in the mail.

The letter was a notice to move out of our rental by May 24th. Please know that our landlord is awesome and would not have done this if she didn’t need to and facing her own struggles this was her only option and she feels bad about it. Needless to say, we were in shock. We asked God where shall we go and with what money? This is all on the cusp of the stuff going on with my brother and huge changes coming soon for Bruce’s job. Uncertainty is trying to become out constant companion. This is the painful part. This is where fear, anxiety, depression and hopelessness want to move in, but it’s also where God showed up knowing this moment was coming.

We know He was already here, knowing exactly when we’d arrive at this next pain point, this next trial and storm. We are no strangers to pain, obstacles, battles or anything the enemy throws our way.

I can say as I type this, I have zero idea of how God is going to pull us through this one, but I also know with my whole heart and every fiber in me, that He will. How can I know? Because He always has and this is no different, not any harder nor impossible for Him.

My prayer is this encourages those out there going through tough battles. My prayer is that through sharing this it will draw you closer to God and help you to trust Him more. My prayer is that through all this, yet again, God gets all the honor and glory He is due.

Being so transparent and vulnerable is hard, surrendering our lives and trusting God to make is all turn out for good in the end isn’t always easy, but knowing that He loves us, that He has a plan and seeks to show us how much He loves us and knowing He has never failed us, makes it possible. We get daily reminders that we can trust in Him, He is worthy and cannot fail.

No matter what, our hope remains in the faithfulness of our Lord. Though this is hard to share, please share this with anyone you feel it might encourage through their tough times. May God get all the glory for every good thing that comes out of these trials. Thanks.

Hope this helps someone and know that you are in our prayers for every difficulty you face. Have an awesome day and God bless!

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