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Les Mills schedule

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**UPDATE** BeachBody is no longer selling Les Mills workouts, they have sold out of Combat workouts as well. However the new workout Core de Force features two Les Mills trainers Joel and Jericho! Check out the links below to get more information on Core de Force!
Les Mills Pump Schedule


Picture this, you’re about to start your next workout, you’re a couple of days into Les Mills Pump and you can’t find the Les Mills Pump schedule that came with your workout. What weight did you use last time? Was I going to increase the weight or was it good last time? Where are those sheets!! If this doesn’t sound familiar to you, I know I’ve done it before.  The workout sheets and calendars make it easy to keep track of your workouts and what workout you’re doing today.  Maybe that’s not you, maybe you don’t have Les Mills Pump but you’re looking to see what the workouts are and what the schedule looks like. Well you’re both in luck, because I’m putting copies here free for you to download.


LMP 90 day calendar

LMP 90 day schedule

LMP Alternate 90 day calendar

LMP Alternate 90 day schedule


 LMP weight tracking guide

 LMP weight tracking guide

For you that have this workout, but lost or maybe your dog ate your Les Mills Pump schedule, I’ll put the links in the beginning so you don’t have to read through all of this to get what you came for, but feel free to stay a while and read the whole thing.

If you don’ have LMP and wonder what the workouts are like and what the schedule of workouts are, keep reading and I’ll fill you in. One of the first things you’ll notice when you look at the Les Mills Pump schedule is that it is broken in to 3 segments, phase one, two and three.  The Les Mills Pump schedule describes the 3 phases as such:

  1. PHASE 1: TE WERO*: The Challenge – Phase 1 of the Les Mills Pump schedule will challenge your body to shed serious pounds. The focus during this phase is on shorter workouts to boost metabolism and stimulate weight loss. You supply the raw material; we show you where to chisel.
  2. PHASE 2: PANONI*: The Change – Phase 2 is designed to boost your body to become stronger. The focus of this phase is on changing your shape by building and sculpting the muscles that will help “lean out” your look. Weights won’t be the only thing lifted here.
  3. PHASE 3: KIA KAHA*: Be Strong – Phase 3 of the Les Mills Pump schedule is designed to get you lean, ripped, chiseled, and sculpted. Pressure makes diamonds.

*Les Mills Pump is from New Zealand and many of the words and phrases come from the indigenous Maori culture of New Zealand.

Once you download the Les Mills Pump schedule, take a look at what actually is done on each day of the week.  Les Mills Pump has you working out with weights 3 days a week, and cardio, abs and stretching on the others. It just gets harder as you get through the workout and into the different phases.  The mistake that I first made with Les Mills Pump is that I didn’t take it seriously, but after a few weeks and adding heavier weights, it’s no joke, I’m getting results.  So one bit of advice I would give you is to keep track of the weights that you used and push yourself to go heavier when you can, Les Mills Pump will do the rest. I like to keep a schedule and a workout calendar handy for my workouts, and you may want to put them in a 3 ring binder.  This will also make it easier to keep your old workouts because you just may do this workout a few times and hopefully you won’t lose the binder as easy as a few sheets of paper (it happens believe me).  One tip that you may want to do is to make a folder on your computer and keep copies of all the workout sheets for all your workouts. I like to have a digital copy to print again later.

I hope this information and the tips were useful for you. Oh one last tip, if you haven’t purchased LMP yet, I’ll give you some links to:



**UPDATE** BeachBody is no longer selling Les Mills workouts, and have sold out of Combat workouts. However the new workout – Core de Force is similar to Combat in that it is a MMA inspired workout and has two former Les Mills trainers Joel and Jericho!


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