Les Mills Pump Pump Revolution: My New favorite LMP Workout!

Les Mills Pump Pump Revolution

Les Mills Pump Trainer: Sheldon McBee


Les Mills Pump Pump Revolution

Hi, I just had to write a little about one of the workouts in the Les Mills Pump workout.  I did this workout 4 days ago and my arms are just now getting over the soreness. The workout is called Pump Revolution, and it’s similar to the other Les Mills Pump workouts except that it is 55 minutes long, with longer workout tracks and working different muscles than the other workouts (hence the arm soreness!). I’m really liking the Les Mills Pump program and it is working me differently than P90X did. This isn’t lifting heavy, which I find easier, but instead it’s reps, and lots of them. I thought that by doing so many reps that I would get smaller leaner muscles, not necessarily so, I seem to be maintaining my muscles and getting more definition.


What did I like about Pump Revolution?

At first I thought, 55 minutes, that’s a long workout. Really it’s only 10 minutes longer than the next longest workout – Pump and Shred at 45 minutes, but Pump Revolution flew by. Yes the exercise tracks are longer, but not much longer than the other workouts. What do I mean by “tracks”?  Well in Les Mills Pump, they do tracks of exercises that work a certain muscle or groups of muscles, like legs or chest. You do a bunch of reps for that muscle group in a track and the track last anywhere from 4 to 5 minutes long, and then you move on to a different muscle. Yes in the Pump Revolution workout these tracks are a little longer, more on the 5 minute side, but you are also working some different muscle groups that you didn’t work in the other workouts.


Les Mills Pump RevolutionLes Mills Pump Trainers

Back row from left to right: Ben Feliciano, Emma Barry, Ben Tang.

Front row from left to right: Rachel Newsham and Dan Cohen

(Rachel and Dan are also the trainers of Les Mills Combat)



Is Pump Revolution good for couples?

My wife (Ally) and I are doing this workout together, and we’re about half way through it, and we’re enjoying it. It always a lot more fun workout with someone. We’re not the only couple out there doing this workout together, it’s a great workout to do as a couple, so if you’ve been wanting to workout with your spouse, seriously look into Les Mills Pump, you will get great results, it will push you, and you’ll have fun doing it and doing it together. There are times when we can’t workout together, due to our schedules. The good news is the Pump Revolution has 7 different instructors on the stage at the same time, and they are all working out with you, so you don’t feel like you’re working out alone.


Les Mills Pump Revolution

Les Mills Trainers

Left to Right: Susan Renata, Petter Ehrnvall, Asa Eriksson 


So, what did I think about Pump Revolution?

So what do I like about it? It’s a challenge, its different instructors doing different exercises, and it is a lot of fun to do these tracks. Was it just fun or are the workouts hard? Both, if you push yourself with the weights that you use, the workout is very hard, your muscles burn from the reps and when you feel like you can’t do anymore, that track is done and it’s on to a different muscle. That is what makes the time go by so quickly, you’re actually having fun while you’re sweating and your legs are burning from the squats and lunges. I don’t really like lunges, but I do them. I’m not sure how they do it, but they do make the workouts fun, and Pump Revolution is no exception. It seems like the instructors in this workout had a lot of fun doing it too. Another interesting and fun thing about the Les Mills Pump workouts is that there is more than one instructor in the videos, they take turns working you out in the different tracks.

I wasn’t sure I would like Les Mills Pump when we started, but I’m really liking it now, not just because it’s a fun workout, but I’m seeing results too. I called the Pump Revolution workout my favorite of the workouts, but there is still one more workout that I haven’t done yet, Pump Extreme. I’m not sure if it will be my new favorite or not, but so far Les Mills Pump Revolution takes number one and it will be hard to beat.

Yours in health,


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Les Mills Pump Pump Revolution

Les Mills Pump Trainer: Jericho McDuffie 






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