Les Mills Pump Equipment and Supplies

Les Mills Pump Equipment

Les Mills PUMP Equipment and Supplies



Les Mills equipment

Les Mills Pump has become a very popular workout around the world, and now it has come to America thanks to Beachbody, but before the rep effect takes effect, you will need some Les Mills Pump equipment to get the most out of it. Make sure you begin by having the proper equipment and the right tools for the job at hand. With that being said, the Les Mills Pump program will need some equipment that you may or may not have. I thought it might be helpful to give you a list of what you’ll need and a quick way to click on the links to check them out or to purchase them if you need to, or if you had lost or damaged any of yours.


What you’ll need:

1) Barbell with 2 safety clips (all kits come with this)

2) Weights and they available in sizes: 2.5, 5, 10 and 25-lbs.

-Basic package includes: 2 5-lb. and 2 10-lb weights

-Deluxe upgrade includes an additional set of 5-lb weights

3) Step platform with 4 risers

-Note: the step platform is not included with the basic package, but it is included in the Deluxe package.


Additional Les Mills Pump Equipment I would recommend:

 Some would say that these are not essential Les Mills Pump equipment, and yet for us, they are:

1) Beachbody Jump Mat for the higher impact moves and I also like to use it for any floor work, like stretching and working my abs. This mat has been specifically designed to help absorb the shock of the high impact moves and will protect your knees, back and ankles, and it gives you something nice to lie on while you’re on the ground doing your abs.

2) P90X Results and Recovery will help you to refuel and get re-energized after the tough workouts. I’ve also noticed that it significantly helps to reduce my muscle soreness and it will help your muscles to recover quicker after the intense workouts.

Something Extra:

3) Energy and Endurance can be used if you need some energy, strength or endurance to get a great workout done. It has amino acids, electrolytes and B vitamins to get you through your workouts. I don’t use this myself, energy is not usually a problem for me, but Bruce uses and says it really helps to increase the intensity of his workouts.

4) Heart Rate Monitor: You can use this to accurately track your cardio performance.

5) Weighted Gloves: This can add intensity to your cardio workouts.

Oh yeah, please make sure you bring plenty of water and a towel to the workouts, you’re gonna need it!! 🙂


 Kia Kaha = Stay Strong!


Yours in health and proper equipment,


**IMPORTANT UPDATE**  BeachBody is no longer selling Les Mills workouts, they still have some Combat workouts available, but not for much longer. This is too bad because this is a really great workout.

Les Mills Combat

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