Keeping The Faith

Be Bold in Keeping the Faith

Keeping the faith, there is always hope

Something I shared in one of my Beachbody challenge groups this morning and on my Facebook wall:

It would be easy to get discouraged by our situation or we can be motivated by them…I choose to be motivated. This morning, we woke up to still not having any water, I could have been discouraged and upset, but instead, I’m looking forward to doing laundry, washing the dishes and taking a nice warm shower. There is a house a few doors down and across the street that caught on fire this morning, Bruce said he could see flames coming out of the upstairs window. Thank God we are not far from the fire station and it appears no one was hurt. No matter what we are going through…no matter how bad it seems, there is ALWAYS going to be someone that has it better and someone, often many, who have it worse. Keeping the faith reminds me to be ever so thankful with right where I am and for what I have. We press on with determination and gratitude for all we have and all that is yet to come! Keeping the faith!”

A praise report came through this morning also. A pastor was healed of a blocked kidney stone that could have resulted in him having surgery this morning and possibly losing a kidney. Praise God, he was healed and is headed to Africa to minister to the many over there and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. NO MATTER what, don’t give up hope! Stay strong in the faith and belief that with God ALL things are possible.

As a little child, each day, take a leap of faith, trusting our Father will catch you each time! You may be afraid while doing it, but later you may end up so thrilled by the whole thing that you may just want to do it again…knowing fully that He will always be right there to catch…your leaps may even get BIGGER!! Be bold in keeping the faith.


Have a great day and God bless,


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