Jesus I Thank You! What did He do and why do so many thank Him?



Jesus I thank You for paying the cost

Why do so many people say each day, Jesus, I thank You! As we thank Him, we can ask ourslves, what was the cost? One that we could never have paid on our own. The Bible tells us we are sinners and fall short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23). There are none righteous, not even one of us (Romans 3:10). We learn that the price for our sins is death, but God gives us a gift of life, through Jesus (Romans 6:23). And while we were unrighteous and sinners, Jesus paid the ultimate price for us (Romans 5:8). How can we know the actual price and cost of what was paid for us on the cross? I believe it’s impossible for us to know or measure, at least while we are on earth.


Though we may not know the full cost

Jesus I thank You. Though we may not know the full extent and the totality of the price Jesus bore for us all, we can get a glimpse of what He did for us personally. I say a glimpse only because I trust it reaches far deeper than we can see, at least that’s true for me. Even though we can’t comprehend the full magnitude of the depth of His love for us in dying for our sins, I’m still eternally grateful. I’m grateful for what little I can comprehend, for what little I do understand and it blows my mind and takes me to my knees.


Is thank you enough?

Can saying ‘Jesus I thank You’ be enough? Can I lift my hands high enough in worship and praise? Can I humble myself low enough? Can my whole heart and life be enough to say thanks? If we could not pay the debt, sure we can’t give enough thanks either, but I do believe that God knows this and appreciates when we give all we have to Him as a way of thanking Him for all He’s done for us. If my total surrender can say thanks to the best that I can, may it be so. All that i am, i am His…


My prayer

May the God, our God, of love and mercy bless you, keep you and shelter you all your days and may He grant you His peace. I was once told that with God I will never be left wanting, but as I draw in closer to Him, I’m finding that it’s just not true, as I find I am continually left wanting…more and more of Him, of His love, of His presence…and I’m okay with that kind of wanting…that kind of longing, the kind of longing that only He can satisfy.


Our God

“Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above…”

Thank You Father, thank You Jesus for it all, for everything that You did that i can’t fully understand nor find the words to fully or adequately express…All that i am, i am Yours…


God’s blessings to you,


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