Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight


intermittent fasting to lose weight


Hi I hope you enjoy this short video about how we use intermittent fasting to lose weight.

If you don’t want to watch, you can read the text below, it says roughly the same thing.



Other benefits of intermittent fasting to lose weight

Here are the two links that I mentioned in the video

Detoxification and Hormone regulation 


Other Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

  • Helps promote insulin sensitivity Normalizes ghrelin levels, also known as your “hunger hormone”
  • Increases the rate of HGH production
  • Lowers triglyceride levels
  • Helps suppress inflammation and fight free radical damage

In addition, exercising in a fasted state can help counteract muscle aging and wasting, and boost fat-burning.


The text version to the video:

A question that we often get is how do you use intermittent fasting to lose weight? Well we can tell you how we use intermittent fasting, and what I think is the easiest way to do it. There seems to be a lot of definitions on what intermittent fasting is, and how to do it. I can only tell you how we use it and how it has worked for us.

There a lot of benefits to trying intermittent fasting, namely weight loss, but if you want a more thorough explanation of all the benefits, I suggest checking out websites such as and Josh Axe at, they have a lot of good information about all the benefits of intermittent fasting

If you don’t know what intermittent fasting is, the easiest way to explain it is only eating so many hours of the day, and fasting the rest. What we’ve found is that the longer you go without food, the quicker you lose weight, makes sense right.

So to give you an example of this, and how we use intermittent fasting or “IF”, is that we would start eating at a certain time of day (you choose what works best for you), and only eat during the next 8 hours, then stop eating until the next day at the same time. This way you are able to eat for 8 hours of the day, and fasting for 16 hours of the day.

What I recommend is picking what’s more important to you, when your first or when you want you last meal to be. I don’t always eat breakfast so my “eat time” starts a little later, and therefore I can eat my last meal later in the day.

For example, if your “eat time starts at 10:00 am, start eating then. Your last meal would then be at 6:00 pm.

Now comes some of the good stuff, this is a 16 hour fast or 8 hour eat time, if you’re like me you’ll think of these as I eat times, not fasting times. You can also try this with a 14 hour fast and a 10-hour eat time, some have even done 12 hour fasts. The best results that I’ve got were with the 16-hour fast. Experiment yourself and see what works best for you.

Another good part, no counting calories. Just eat normally, however the better you eat the better your results will be. My wife Ally did this to lose over 30 pounds, and she could not exercise so this was all from intermittent fasting, and not making big changes in her diet.

However when you combine this with exercise you get even better results.

Here’s a tip for those that don’t want to exercise or can’t for whatever reason, use intermittent fasting to lose weight, and as you start feeling better, which you will, start incorporating some exercise into your life. Start small, maybe just walking, but start. With the addition of exercise you will lose more weight, and feel better faster. You will also keep it off longer, not to mention all the other health benefits from exercise.

Give intermittent fasting a try, try it out for a month or two, and give it a fair trial. You will get used to the fasting, and I think you will really like the results and how you feel.




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