Is there still hope in this world?


So, is there still hope in this world? Yes!

The single reason that I can think of that calms all storms around us is the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ and the peace and hope that comes through them.

God LOVES you, dear friend. It’s so worth repeating….God LOVES you. Yes, YOU, right where you are, in the middle of your anger, your confusion….in the deep pit of pain, suffering and complete darkness, He LOVES you. How do I know? Faith. Will it feed my family? Will it bring back my loved one? Will it keep us from being evicted from our home? Will it put some much needed money in the bank? Will it clothe my family? Will it heal my sick and dying child? Will it bring back my loved one? Will it, can it…stop the pain I’m in? Yes. 

Faith is what gives me hope when I have none. Faith is what allows me to KNOW without any doubt that God loves me and is right here with me.

God LOVES you. He’s so crazy, recklessly, and wildly in love with you. How do I know? Because He sent His Son, His One and ONLY Son to suffer and die for YOU.

Somedays the waves and winds of our storm seem so strong that I’m sure this is the one that will do us in, but then I remember who holds my future and who controls the wind and the storm. It is Jesus that holds all relation together. When we put our faith in Jesus we fill find that He is the author and perfecter of our faith and through Him we can always have hope. And when we have hope, we can keep going even if we grow weary from the battle. His love can give us the hope that helps us keep fighting each day and never give up!

God bless,

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