Hope for Trying Times

 994129_718050064895765_39438547_nHope For Trying Times 


I used to hate my problems and all the “stuff” that would come into our lives. It used to really wear me down. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll fall back into my old habits of worry and it can still get to me, but if remember the words of a dear friend of mine, I rejoice in my problems more times than not.

What she told me was that she rejoices in her problems. What?! Okay, that was something really new to me and I need to hear more.

It’s in going through trouble, trials and tribulations that she finds His strength, that she leans on and fully depends on God. There’s a joy that comes knowing that after it’s all over, she knows she will be a much better person than when it began.

Wow! I knew this was a rare person in this world, even among believers. How many do you know will find joy, peace and happiness even while they are going through some incredibly trying times?! This person had no walk in the park, believe me, so seeing how she handled each situation with joy, hope, love and peace in situations that would crush most people, I took notice.

Though I’m inclined to believe she is an angel, I know she’s human. (: I know that she struggles and she will be the first to tell you that it’s not by her strength and power that she can do this, but by the Spirit of God and through Jesus.

I mention this to encourage anyone out there that is battling something, many things, that are weighing you down. Know you can have peace, hope, joy, love and courage through even the most trying of times…just ask Paul and Silas about singing after being beaten and thrown in jail! “Impossible!” you say. If you look only to yourself, it’s impossible, but if you look to God, all things are possible.

There is hope and strength through Jesus and you were never asked to take all this on alone. Rejoice, as my friend reminds me, in your infirmities and afflictions knowing that when you are weak, He is strong.

God bless and I hope you find a renewing strength through Jesus today, because He’s there waiting for you, offering Himself freely to you and calling you to Him. Surrender to Him and His call…you will surely be glad you did….

Thanks for this valuable lesson dear one! (:

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