Hammer and Chisel Equipment

Hammer and Chisel Equipment

Hammer and Chisel Equipment

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel is one of Beachbody’s newest workout, but unlike a lot of their workouts, this one will require some additional equipment. The Hammer and Chisel equipment could be extensive, or it could be really simple.  It is true that you will need some stuff for this new workout, but chances are that you already have some or most of what you need. This is a quick overview (from Beachbody) of what you are going to need to do this workout. If you need some of this equipment, just click on the pictures or the links provided and they will take you a place you can purchase or at least compare prices.

Hammer and Chisel Equipment – What you’re going to need. 

Hammer and Chisel is a weightlifting workout, so obviously you are going to need some weights. With most of these workouts, you can either use weights or resistance bands. The weights that you are going to need will be dumbbells. There are two popular dumbbells for home use, Powerblocks and Bowflex’s SelectTech. They both replace a lot of individual dumbbells, and take up less space than conventional dumbbells. The hard part may be deciding which one is right for you. The resistance bands also work great for this workout, and take up even less space, however you will also need a door attachment with the bands for this workout.

Resistance Bands with Door Attachment:P90X2_TBB_Store_Detail_heavyBands_03






Bowflex SelectTech:




Additional Hammer and Chisel equipment would include either a bench or a stability ball. You will need one or the other, and chances are that you already have the stability ball. I do, but I would rather use a bench. Here are links to stability balls and to workout benches.

Stability Ball:




Workout Bench:



Lastly you will also need a way to do chin ups. There are chin up bars that go in doorways or free standing chin up bars. Here are a couple of great examples:

Free standing chin up bars:



P90X Chin up bar (mount on doorway):



And just in case you can’t do too many (or any at all) chin ups, you may also want to look at the Chin-Up Max, which is a great help in getting the most out of doing your chin ups.

Chin-Up Max:



Whew, that’s a lot of stuff, hopefully you don’t need everything, but the great thing is that once you purchase what you need, it’s yours to keep, unlike a gym membership. You may also need some of this for future workouts, so you are equipping yourself with the tools to help you get fit and stay fit. The bare minimum to that you need from this Hammer and Chisel equipment list to do the workout is, resistant bands and a stability ball, so if you already have that, you are good to go. However any equipment or workouts you purchase, they are a great investment in your health.

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