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Like a lot of people, my fitness journey has been an up and down roller coaster, but I guess that is why I’m not unique, and if I can do this, so can you.  Fitness and health is a journey and although it does seem like it’s mostly uphill, persistence and a little bit of knowledge goes a long way.  So let’s get to the story.

My journey started many years ago and if I remember it right it was my big brother that started it.  He started lifting weights, I can still remember the old black iron weight set, and I wanted to do what he was doing, so I did.  I enjoyed the feeling of exercising and seeing my strength increase, it started to become somewhat of a game, how much can I do today??

Me back in 1993, my first bodybuilding show

It progressed to be a great hobby. I met and became friends with other people who liked to work out, and I started going to gyms and then to different types of competitions. I mostly did bench press competitions (my best was 430 pounds at a body weight of 203, when I was about 23 years old).  I even did one bodybuilding show (picture below), I didn’t place, but it was a great learning and self-determination lesson, the dieting was the hardest part (cravings!!).   I never did a full power lifting competition though, heavy dead lifts and squats always hurt my back – another reason why I’m a chiropractor today.

This continued for many years, yes even the hurting myself. After stumbling along in life, I ended up in the Air Force (where I met my wife – see my home page for more info on this amazing woman!) with many things going on I still managed to stay in shape and continued to exercise up to the point where I got married. At this point, other things became more important, there is something about having someone else in your life that makes you want to do more for them than you do for yourself.  So needless to say with moving to TX, Chiropractic College and life in general, I got fat. Yep, fat. I’ve always considered myself to be in good shape, even though my waist was always a problem area, now I was getting into my 30’s weighing 226 pounds, which wouldn’t be bad if I was 6’5”, but I wasn’t even 5’10” anymore!  Something had to change; I was tired of being tired. So my journey began.

I’ve started and stopped exercising so many times since then that I couldn’t even tell you the number of times.  Always some excuse came up to derail me. As I was getting to the age of 40, I knew I had to do something, the old, fit me wanted to get out before I died.  I saw the infomercial for P90X, I think that was over 10 years ago, and it looked like what I needed to kick myself into gear. I got great results, and started to feel like the old me again!  Then, life got in the way, again.  A few years ago, I decided to stop making excuses, and told myself that I had to do this and make it a part of my life again.  This time it was my wife Ally that started my change.  She wanted to make a change and started working out, and started drinking something called Shakeology.  At this point my cholesterol had been high for a few years, and she asked me to please just drink one shake a day. So I did, and I lost 18 pounds!  No diet, no exercise, just Shakeology!  Being 18 pounds lighter, I felt much better and wanted to work out again.  Ally was starting to get great results with ChaLean Extreme, but I wanted to do P90X again, this time with Shakeology. I know that I could have gotten awesome results if I cleaned up my diet, but I didn’t, I ate the same just added Shakeology, and I got great results.

Les Mills Pump

Since then, Ally and I have done Les Mills Pump together, she did Les Mills Combat, I started P90X-2 and then switched to Body Beast, but didn’t finish it. We finished T-25 together and I’ve recently finished P90X again to prepare for the new P90X-3. I’m looking forward to X3 because of the 30 minute workouts compared to the hour plus of the original P90X. I’ve challenged myself to get into the same shape as I was in that picture in 1993, by my birthday in 2014. It’s a lofty goal but even if I don’t achieve it, I’ll be in better shape than I am now. After that, who knows but there are always some new exciting products being released soon that may lead to new adventures… stay tuned…

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