Faith is a large part of who we are, because God is a large part of who we are. Our confidence, our hope, our peace, our comfort, our very lives rest in Him alone, through our Lord Christ Jesus.


While we think that keeping a healthy body and lifestyle are important, we also feel that it’s equally, if not more important, to keep our faith strong, to work on our spirit side of our spirit, mind and body. We believe the Bible when it says that our bodies, these vessels we are dwelling in today, are temporal (2Cor 5:1-9), but our spirit and our resurrected glorified body, through Jesus’ finished work, is eternal (Rom 2:7; Rom 6:23; 1Cor 15:42-44). To take care of the eternal, as well as the temporal, we will be posting about faith in God’s Word. We pray that the words that God allows and guides us to share will bless you and help draw you ever closer to Him.


With much thanks and prayer, in Jesus’ name,

Bruce and Ally Charest