Dumbbell Exercises: P90X & PowerBlock


  Dumbbell Exercises – What Exercises Work?

What dumbbell exercises really work?  I’ve always liked going to gyms, especially if I haven’t been in a while just to see the new equipment. However, to be honest with you, some of my best workouts have been at home, no wasting time commuting to the gym and no waiting on machines. The nice thing about working out at home is just pushing play, get it done and move on with my day. I know you’ve probably heard of P90X, it has been on the market for over ten years and you could say that it is world famous, you might have even done it. One of the things I liked about P90X is that it uses of all 3 types of exercise, weight lifting (strength training), cardio and flexibility training, and yes the stretching is important. I like that it allowed me to use dumbbells again, and it’s full of different dumbbell exercises and a lot that I have never done before. However you can do the entire P90X program without weights and just use the bands, but I personally like to use weights. The P90X results speak for themselves, there are thousands of testimonials online, and thousands of pictures and videos, it plain works, if you follow the plan, and keep pushing play.

I’ve included a short P90X video that explains it a little more, for those who have never tried it or seen it.




P90X has some great dumbbell exercises that will work you, it had exercises that I’ve never done before and I’ve been working out a long time.   Dumbbells are highly effective at working your muscles and P90X has the exercises. One drawback of dumbbells is that they take up space, something you don’t always have at home. You need to have to have a few different weights to work out different muscles, and the more dumbbells you have the more they start to take up space.

The Dumbbells – Which One Do I Like?

There are a few different types of dumbbells out there but I like one from a company called PowerBlock. What I like about them is that you can get a lot of weight is a small space, they have some models that go up to 125 pounds! Imaging having a full set of dumbbells from 5 pounds up to 85 pounds (that’s what I have) that take up very little room in your house. I also love the stand, it has saved my back a number of times as you don’t have to pick these up from the floor. It is usually easier to get an idea of something when you can see a video of it, so I put together this short video of my PowerBlocks.




Every time I’ve done P90X and used my PowerBlocks they made the workouts much more effective, and the combination of the two gave me great results. The adjust-ability of having so many different dumbbells that take up so little space is the advantage of the PowerBlock. One of the disadvantages of them are the unusual shape, they’re square. I like the shape and when using light-weight, some of the weight is off centered, which I think it makes you work a little harder. My wife, Ally, on the other hand thought it was too weird, she likes the round dumbbells, and really likes the Bowflex SelectTechs. My preference is the PowerBlock, I just like the feel better.

If You Want Results, Get The Best Tools

I hope this has given you some insight into the benefits of dumbbell exercises. I tried to give you my recommendations for the best exercises and the best dumbbells and I hope you found this helpful. My advice is don’t try to reinvent the wheel, keep it simple, use what works, equip yourself with the best tools you can. My PowerBlocks are over 15 years old, they still work great and my P90X DVDs are almost 10 years old, so if you invest in good quality, they will last. Most people don’t even use their gym memberships, but once you get these, you’ll have them for a long time. Good tools are always worth the investment and if you invest wisely, it will pay off for years to come.


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To learn more about P90X, you can click here or on the image below.

To learn more about PowerBlock, you can click here or on the image below.



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