ChaLean Extreme Results




ChaLean Extreme Results

This is a 90-day program from Beachbody that was designed Chalene Johnson, an incredible woman who has tremendous amounts of contagious energy. My Beachbody coach suggested that I try ChaLean Extreme, but I was concerned that it would be too intense for me. Well, I decided to trust her and give it a try. ChaLean Extreme started me on my journey to fitness and it made a big difference in my life. My ChaLean Extreme results didn’t come without a lot of hard work and serious changes, but they did come. I changed the way I ate and my relationship with food and exercising in general. It’s not like exercising was new to me, I did play sports in school, but that was many years ago. I tried a few times to get back into shape over the years, but nothing lasted, until I was introduced to ChaLean Extreme.


What kind of workout is ChaLean Extreme? Cardio or weights?

It’s cardio, weights and stretching, well balanced I’d say. I believe that my ChaLean Extreme results came from the combination of all three, especially from the weightlifting. I had no idea how much I liked the weightlifting, but discovered that I really liked it and found that I enjoyed it more than doing cardio. Cardio has never been a strong point of mine or a favorite exercise. And besides as Chalene says “muscle burns fat”, and you have to lift some weight to get muscles.


My ChaLean Extreme Results

I think it would be easier just to show them to you, I put this video together some time ago, but it says more than I can in words.




ChaLean Extreme Results: What’s it really like and what’s included?

I personally love ChaLean Extreme, because it was my first workout program and because my ChaLean Extreme results were so good. This workout will always have a special place in my heart, but is it right for you? That is not for me to say, but I tried to share my experience with it and hope it gave you enough information to make that decision for yourself.



What comes with the ChaLean Extreme?

So what comes with it? A lot! ChaLean Extreme package comes with 7 discs which include the learning DVD’s:

  • Weight Training
  • Band Training
  • Kitchen Makeover
  • 5 workout DVD’s and a motivational CD
  • A training book (Muscle Burns Fat)
  • A Guidebook and a diet book (Fat Burning Food Guide)
  • And a resistance band
  • And Chalene’s amazing energy and motivation to keep you inspired each day. As she says, just give her 5-mintues and she’ll have you hooked.


ChaLean Extreme results comes in phases

ChaLean Extreme has 3 phases to it, each designed to achieve a different goal;

  1. PHASE 1 – The “Burn Phase” is mainly geared towards building muscle. In this phase you will focus on your upper and lower body.
  2. PHASE 2 – The “Push Phase” is focused on getting you out of your comfort zone. You will use heavier weights and the goal in this phase is to reach muscle failure in 6-8 reps. (This was my favorite!)
  3. PHASE 3 – The “Lean Phase” is a dynamic circuit with intense strength moves fir the upper body and lower body as well as your core section.  In this phase you will burn some serious calories which will lead to amazing results.


Probably the best way for you to know if ChaLean Extreme is your next workout or if you’ll get the same ChaLean Extreme results that I did, would be to watch the video below and hopefully it will answer some more questions for you.





ChaLean Extreme results speak for themselves

As you can tell I’m a big fan of not only ChaLean Extreme but also of Chalene Johnson. I personally loved the program and my ChaLean Extreme results speak for themselvesI think that you will love it also.


Yours in health and fitness,



To learn more about ChaLean Extreme, please click here or on the image below. You can also click here to read my husband’s review of the first workout and see him demo some of the moves!

Chalean Extreme Results


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