ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 3: A Review

ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 3


ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 3

Welcome to our ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 review! Burn Circuit 3 is the last of the “Burn” workouts in the Burn phase or the first phase of the ChaLean Extreme program. There are a few more workouts in the Burn phase, then on to the next phase – the “Push” phase. But before we get there, check out our video review of ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 3.



ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 was a great workout. We worked legs, glutes, and some shoulders. My shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow! It was intense, but there’s always a person showing you the modifications. I tend to follow the modifier most of the time, due to old injuries, but there is plenty of intensity even with the modifications. The modifications simply allow me to not stress my low back, neck, knees and elbows so much. For anyone not needing the modifications, you find this to be a great workout! Bruce ended up doing the workout, as you can see and he also felt like he got a great workout. This typically is not a workout that he would prefer, he’s more of a P90X guy, but he still felt like it gave him a really good workout and said he might even be sore tomorrow.


ChaLean Extreme is typically a workout that appeals to women, but there are some men that will do this workout. So, whether your a man or a woman, I think you’re going to really like this workout and you’ll see great results from it. Nice thing is you can always try it for 30-days and if you’re not happy with it, you can always get your money back.


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