ChaLean Extreme Ab Burner: A Review

ChaLean Extreme Ab Burner Review


Hi and welcome to our review of Chalean Extreme Ab Burner. Chalean Extreme Ab Burner is one of two ab only workouts in the ChaLean Extreme program. I know that doesn’t sound like many, however Chalene throws in some ab work in almost all of her workouts. So if you’re wondering if you’ll get enough ab work, don’t worry you will. For more information on the workout and to see Ally and me doing this workout, watch our review of ChaLean Extreme Ab Burner in the video below.



We always have fun doing these workout reviews and ChaLean Extreme Ab Burner was a fun workout. It was tough too, especially if you concentrate on your abs during the exercises, and I was sore the next day.

We hope that you like our review, please leave us comments on how we can improve or any other information you want us to share with you. Also be sure to check out our ChaLean Extreme section in our fitness tab, we’re going to fill it with all that you could want and all that we can find about Chalean Extreme.


Thanks for reading and watching,

Bruce & Ally

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