Faith Building

Book Review: Faith to Live By

Author: Derek Prince Publisher: Whitaker House     Faith to Live By Back Cover: EXPERIENCE THE IMPOSSIBLE God has provided us with the ability of miraculously receiving the fulfillment of His promises. Discover how to build your faith in God and you will truly know that “all things are possible” […]

Book Review: The Friends of Jesus

Publisher: Howard Books   Book Review: The Friends of Jesus The Friends of Jesus is a sweet book. Karen Kingsbury wrote this from the perspective of sharing the lives of six people that were blessed to call Jesus friend. While there were many that had this blessing, she focused on […]

Book Review: Audacious 2

Book Review: Audacious by Beth Moore B&H Publishing Group   Audacious is classic Beth Moore! I love how she tells stories, you really feel like you’re just sitting and having coffee with her. She has a way sharing some very hard truths with you but in such a disarming way. Somehow you know […]