Books on Writing

Book Review: Write Tight

Author: William Brohaugh Publisher: Sourcebooks   Write Tight Back Cover: Unlock the Power of the Most Important Writing Skill! What is the most effective way to take your writing from good to great? Say exactly what you want to say with precision and power. It sounds simple, but every writer […]

Book Review: Surviving First Drafts

Author: Erica Crouch Publisher: Weapenry   Surviving First Drafts Blurb from Amazon: A rough first draft is like an opinion: everyone has one, few are pleasant, and most people should think twice before airing it to the public without considering their words a second time. Everyone knows first drafts suck. […]

Book Review: Write His Answers

Author: Marlene Bagnull Publisher: Ampelos Press; 3rd Edition   Write His Answers Back Cover: Practical help and encouragement for overcoming self-doubts, writer’s block, rejection, procrastination, and more with Scripture study, questions to apply the message to your life, and space to write your response.   Book Review: Write His Answers […]

Book Review: Creating Character Emotions

Author: Ann Hood Publisher: Story Press Books     Creating Character Emotions Back Cover Blurb In this unique book, Ann Hood will help you find fresh, creative images, words and gestures to evoke feelings in your fiction. In 36 “mini-lessons,” Hood sheds new light on love, hate, fear, grief, guilt, […]