21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix Worksheets – Everything You Need

21 Day Fix Worksheets & More! 21 Day Fix is a great workout that promises great results, in only 21 days! Keeping track of what you are doing will only help you get these great results. That’s why I tried to include everything I could think of in this blog […]

December 21 Day Fix Challenge

  Many people begin the New Year with big goals to get back in shape. But often those resolutions don’t last. That’s why we’re challenging you to take a different approach this time. We want you to finish 2015 strong! So, for the first 21 days in December, we’re challenging […]

November Challenge Pack Specials

Every month Beachbody puts a couple of their Challenge Packs on sale and offers some great discounts. The November Challenge Pack special is 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. Even though there is only two programs, you have four options, two with each program, the regular program and another […]

21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review

21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review: Is this just another lower body workout?

21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review   21 Day Fix Lower Fix Review: What you can expect. The Lower Fix workout includes a modifier and someone on bands. It requires weights, a light set and a heavier set and it concentrates on, well, the lower body. I’m not a fan of […]

21 Day Fix Preview- Sold out in less than 1 WEEK!

 21 Day Fix Preview- Sold out in less than 1 WEEK!      21 Day Fix SOLD OUT! Great new workout from Beachbody with their newest super star trainer Autumn Calabrese! Beachbody and Autumn were expecting a good turnout for the sales of their newest Beachbody workout, 21 Day Fix, […]

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack- What is the value?

  21 Day Fix Challenge Pack What is the value?     What’s the value in buying a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack? The value comes in buying the 21 Day Fix workout program and Shakeology at the same time.  If you order them together, you can save $70 and […]

21 Day Fix Essentials Kit -What’s the BIG DEAL ANYWAY?!

  21 Day Fix Essentials Kit   What is the 21 Day Fix Essentials? This is a great NEW Beachbody program that can help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days! Sick of and confused by counting calories? No worries, now you won’t have to! Tired of spending […]