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Title: Soul Ties

Author: Frank Hammon

Publisher: Impact Christian Books, Inc.



Back Cover: Soul Ties

There are good soul ties and bad soul ties, just as there are healthy relationships and unhealthy ones.

My wife and I dealt with soul ties, through the ministry of deliverance, long before we had much understanding of them. In fact, long before someone introduced the designation “soul ties,” we referred to them as “unholy alliances” or “perverse relationships.”

Through the deliverance ministry, soul ties are encountered regularly and their power over individuals’ lives needs to be broken. Yes, soul ties are real, but what are they? What is the scriptural basis for understanding soul ties? How are they formed? Are they always demonic? What danger is there in soul ties? How can they be broken?

In this booklet, Frank Hammond explains the root causes of these ties and how to distinguish between Godly and demonic soul ties.


Book Review: Soul Ties

Soul Ties is a booklet and is only 18 pages long, but don’t let it’s small size fool you about the blessings that can be delivered in a small package. In this booklet, the reader will learn some foundational truths about soul ties, where they come from, how they are formed and how to break them. Some topics covered are:

  • Good Soul Ties
  • Demonic Soul Ties
  • The Influence of Like Spirits
  • The Power of Soul Ties
  • Breaking Demonic Soul Ties

It written in an easy-to-read and concise manner. The information is biblically based and filled with Scripture to help the reader better understand what the Bible has to teach us on this topic of both Godly and ungodly soul ties.


My thoughts about Soul Ties

I remember when my husband and I went a local deliverance ministry, we learned a lot of things we didn’t know about spiritual warfare and one of those was about ungodly soul ties. We had NO IDEA what they were or how they can have destructive consequences on our lives. We were able to not only learn about them, but also how to break those ungodly soul ties, plus how to build Godly ones and watched our lives wonderfully transform as a result.

We were both intrigued to learn how these ungodly soul ties are formed. When we heard that it can occur through many kinds of ungodly relationship (sexual or otherwise), we were not really surprised, but what did alarm us was the lasting and destructive damage of those ungodly relationships. The impact of those ungodly soul ties on us is palpable, but their source is not often perceived by us. What do I mean? We can feel and see the results, but don’t often understand where these issues are coming from. That’s where deliverance ministries, like God’s E.R. and books like Soul Ties can help. 

To be clear, there are godly and ungodly soul ties. We, obviously, want a lot of the godly ones and none of the ungodly ones. The godly ones are arranged and blessed by God, while the ungodly ones are used by the enemy to destroy as many lives as possible. I fully believe that we can have godly soul ties that have elements of ungodliness in them. The ungodly connections of our godly relationships needs to be identified and uprooted as soon as possible. God simply won’t bless anything that is not rooted in love and a pure godly relationship. And, if we desire to honor Him with all we are and all our relationships, this is a great place to begin…by learning about ungodly soul ties and how to break free from them.

One complaint that I’ve read, but don’t personally agree with, is the cost of this booklet in relationship with the size of it. The reason I don’t agree, though I understand their point-of-view, is that I don’t place value on the size of the book, but the content it contains. I can read a book of 400 pages and pay less than what I paid for this booklet, but if I don’t fell that I got value from the material, then…well, it wasn’t of great value for me. But, conversely, if I get a very short booklet and it delivers high value and blesses me, then it’s worth whatever the cost is. I only mention this, because I do want others to be aware that it is a booklet and not a full book. While it’s not a full book on the topic of soul ties, it is a concise, quick, impactful, easy-to-understand booklet on the subject.

If this topic is of interest to you, please watch for upcoming reviews of other books that deal with ungodly relationships (soul ties) and how to break them.


Would I Recommend Soul Ties

Yes, absolutely! This is a small booklet, but it’s a great place to start, to understand what soul ties are and how they can be broken. This is a wonderful resource for those in deliverance ministries and for those that are struggling with relationships and have trouble understanding why. Sometimes, the problem may be rooted, not in the current relationship, but prior ungodly soul ties. Not knowing the root of the problem can make it very difficult to find victory in our present and future relationships and can cause us to continue to make more ungodly soul ties, creating more damage for ourselves and others both now and in the days to come. 

By learning what soul ties are, how to identify them and how to break free from them, through the blood and finished work of our Lord Jesus, we can establish godly soul ties, that honor God and allow us to bear great fruit for His kingdom. You might be surprised how many of your current relationships are inflicted by the devastating and lasting consequences of these ungodly soul ties.


And, that’s a wrap… Soul Ties

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



How do demons enter into soul ties? Evil spirits are able to enter when spiritual boundaries are violated. God has set boundaries that govern our relationships with others. God has given man a nature to love and to live in association with others, but God has set boundaries for all such relationships…When relationships within any given area disregard the boundaries that God has established, the relationships become perverse and demons enter.1 In other words, fleshy soul ties become demonic soul ties.2



1 I do not believe that Christians can be demonically possessed, but we can be demonically influenced, if we give way to the enemy by opening up doors to sin and ungodly relationships.

2 Frank Hammond, Soul Ties (Impact Christian Books, 2011), 13

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