Book Review: Writing in the Glory

Writing in the Glory

Title: Writing in the Glory: Living from Your Heart to Release a Book that will Impact the World

Author: Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D.

Publisher: Silver to Gold


Back Cover: Writing in the Glory

Do you want to write a book that will impact generations?

Do you have a message in your heart but don’t know where to start?

Writing in the Glory will take you on a journey to help you find your voice and live from your heart. By doing the exercises in Writing in the Glory, you will be activated to begin the process of writing your first book. You will also learn practical tips on:

  • Writing in the anointing
  • Becoming the message
  • Knowing yourself as an author
  • Setting goals
  • Learning how to structure your writing project
  • Refining your focus
  • Understanding the difference between self-publishing and formal publishing
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • Preparing a book proposal and much more!

There are people calling out to God even now to receive the message you carry. 

You were born to release this masterpiece. Now is your time. Write on! 

Book Review: Writing in the Glory

Writing in the Glory is unlike any other writing book that I’ve read, in a wonderful way. I’ve read many books on the topic of writing and this is, hands down, the best one I’ve read so far. I originally read this book around March-April 2017 and it changed the way I approach writing dramatically. How? Well, suffice it to say that before I read this book, I approached writing with a bit of fear and hesitation. Unsure why, but I did. But, that was all about to change.

In Writing in the Glory, Jen takes us on a journey to help us find our voice and unlocking the message that God has placed in our hearts to release for His people. The topics she covers are:

  • Becoming the Message
  • Making an Impact
  • Positioning Yourself
  • Embracing the Process
  • Practical Tips
  • Write On!
  • 30-Day Writing Checklist

In each section of the book, you feel that she’s prayerfully right there with you. That is the difference you feel—the prayer soaked words penned on each page. I believe she, along with many other people, soaked this book in prayer. I believe her words were anointed when she wrote this book, because God’s spirit was palpable as you turn the pages and begin to unfold the map that He has placed in each of us to help guide us in the direction we need to go, to unearth the treasures He has reserved for each one of His precious children.

The prayers laid on and into this book move the reader/writer to pray as they go along their own journey, encouraged by Jen to be ever prayerful and willing to wait to hear what God has to say. That too makes this book different, not only the prayers, but the relationship we are investing in with our Creator and the partnership we are entering into with Him—to pen His Words for His people in such a time as this.

In Writing in the Glory, we learn that it’s very important to pray, but if we fail to quiet ourselves and lean in to listen for His answers, His words, then we likely will fail to convey His heart for this generation and those to come.


My thoughts about Writing in the Glory

I enjoy writing, but at the same time, it can be hard for me. I never want to write something that doesn’t honor and glorify God, as well as edify my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Somehow when you’re working for God, you want to get it right.

I know this may sound crazy and perhaps it’s just the heart of a writer (and reader) that’s speaking, but I believe that God has many books in heaven and a library we can’t begin to fathom. I believe it will be filled with books on the history of this world and perhaps time itself. I also believe within these countless shelves of books will also be the books of the works of Jesus that John said all the books in this world could not contain (John 21:25). Can you imagine the sight of all those books?

I believe there will be books there penned by His children, written in adoration of Him, testifying of His love, graciously and beautifully displayed through the life and heart of His only begotten Son, Jesus, the Christ. He will have a special section, I believe, reserved for anyone that wants to read the words of love that were penned during the generations of this world that spoke of Him, His glory, His splendor, and sang His praises through the pictures the authors created of the unseen God of the universe. I believe He will also have a very special section of all the books that were written about Jesus, to His honor and glory, as well as pointing people to His love for them.

Yes, I believe God loves to use writers to pen His heart for His people, evidenced by the timelessness of His Word and the 40 authors the Holy Spirit used to pen His Word. Writing in the Glory, helps us honor Him in all we do, as we seek to write for His glory. This book helps those of us that long to join the ranks of the soldiers that have gone before us. It helps us to hear God’s marching orders through His Holy Spirit. God allows us to enter the battle field, with Him and His holy angels to wage war on the enemy, set captives free through Christ Jesus and equip the saints. All this is done with prayers and the stroke of our keys in a response to His divine leading.


Would I Recommend Writing in the Glory

Yes. Writing in the Glory, I believe will benefit not only the novice writers, but also the seasoned ones. As the quote at the bottom of this review says, “When I create through the artistic expression of writing, I too, feel God’s pleasure. When I write, I feel the momentum of heaven behind me and the anointing of the Holy Spirit overtake me.” That truth is what I feel beats within my heart and helps me to know He has called me to write. It helps me to stay diligent to write and practice the craft as He leads me in the way He has prepared for me.

This is a great book for anyone that is just starting out or for those that have been writing for years and would love a fresh touch from God in their gift of writing. This book, I believe, has been soaked in prayer and I believe the words are anointed. Writing in the Glory will make the reader/writer’s heart come alive with a fresh longing to use their gift to serve their gift giver and lover of their soul.

Books on the mechanics and the art of writing are helpful, without a doubt, but given the choice, I’d rather have a book from the heart of our Creator that will guide me in the way He wants me to go, for His glory. The first will inform, while the latter will transform, both the reader as well as the writer.


And, that’s a wrap…Writing In The Glory

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



“I believe this is something significant about creating that opens us up to more of God. When we create, we are walking in the very footsteps of the Creator of the universe and doing what He does. In the movie Chariots of Fire, the actor playing the Olympic gold medalist Eric Liddell said, “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.” When I create through the artistic expression of writing, I too, feel God’s pleasure. When I write, I feel the momentum of heaven behind me and the anointing of the Holy Spirit overtake me. When I paint a picture with my words, it makes me come alive.”

-Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D, Writing in the Glory


Writing in the Glory

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