Book Review: Write His Answers

Write His Answers

Author: Marlene Bagnull

Publisher: Ampelos Press; 3rd Edition


Write His Answers Back Cover:

Practical help and encouragement for overcoming self-doubts, writer’s block, rejection, procrastination, and more with Scripture study, questions to apply the message to your life, and space to write your response.


Book Review: Write His Answers

Write His Answers is a great book for writers and authors who struggle with the day in and day out life of writing. Marlene Bagnull uses her own life’s battles to help us find ways to deal with the life of writing and all its ups and downs.

In Write His Answers, you will find help in knowing if you are called to write, keeping balance in your life, patience, dealing with procrastination and disappointments, bearing fruit, winning the battle, staying fit, confidence issues, reaching our readers, conquering the deadly Ds (doubt, disappointment, discouragement), burnout, proclaiming truth to our world and so much more. There is an appendix that is worth the entire book, as it gives Scriptural reference for so many areas we battle in each day. There are both quotes that are thought provoking or questions that help you dig a little deeper at the end of each chapter. Marlene Bagnull uses Scripture to help us dig deeper into God’s Word to find out how His Word can help us with our daily battles in writing. If it’s a battle in the area of writing, she’s probably faced it and lived to tell of the grace by which God brought her through it and offer us the encouragement to press on in the face of our daily obstacles.

I’d recommend Write His Answers for all writers. This book will give you practical ways to handle issues that you may believe can end your writing career. If you’ve laid a manuscript or two… or twenty… aside and have given up hope, this book can help you return to your passion for writing. If you’re new to writing or thinking about writing, this a great book to help you prepare for some of the obstacles you will one day face. You will find tools to help you deal with common problems that writers face and find hope to press on in the gift you were given and the calling on your life to Write His Answers.

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Thanks for taking the time to read my review and God bless!



I believe God is calling us to write his answer. It’s time to boldly step out in faith and to write the words that need to be written- powerful words, winsome words, anointed words that will come only by allowing him to speak to our own hearts. 

-Marlene Bagnull, Write His Words

Write His Answers

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