Book Review: Worn Out By Obedience: Recovering From Spiritual Fatigue

Author: Ron Moore

Publisher: Moody Publishers



Back Cover: Worn Out By Obedience

Spiritual fatigue can happen to anyone, even to mature believers. But when ignored, it leads to disconnectedness, disappointment, and discouragement. And that’s where danger begins.

During these vulnerable stretches we are most susceptible to sin and temptation. As a lion goes after worn-down prey, so Satan charges after the tired believer. We need to see the reality of spiritual fatigue, understand it’s pitfalls, and take steps to refresh our souls.

That’s what Worn Out by Obedience will help you do. You’ll learn how to lay hold of God’s grace to avoid spiritual fatigue, or, if you’re already fatigued, to:





Book Review: Worn Out By Obedience

Ron Moore did a great job writing this book on short-term or extended stays in the areas of sin. It’s a book that reminds us of the many things that can wear us out, even when trying to serve God and do right. This spiritual frustration and fatigue can set us up for open doors that allow sin to not only get a foothold into our lives, but can also have us moving from being close to God into Ziklag, the area of sin that we think is our reprieve and resting place.


This book is a correlation between David’s time in Ziklag and falling into sin. It’s a look at what happened to push him towards Ziklag, as well as what can push us towards it too. But thankfully, the book doesn’t stop there, because we also get to see how God brought David out of Ziklag and how He can bring us out too…if we allow Him too.

It’s written in an easy to read style. It’s paced to keep turning the pages and making it difficult to put down, especially if you are currently living in Ziklag, have lived there, frequently visit it or know others that struggle with Ziklag. Worn Out By Obedience is packed with insight into areas we have all probably found ourselves struggling in. I also like the Reflect section at the end of each chapter. It really allowed me to dig a little deeper into the wisdom and guidance of that chapter and figure out how to apply it to my life, so I can hopefully dodge any future visits to Ziklag.


My thoughts about Worn Out By Obedience

It’s a book that doesn’t shine a painful light on sin, but on the beauty of God’s grace. Being someone that has spent many years in and out of Ziklag, with several seasons of extended stays there, I found so much gracious honesty and God’s tenderness in the pages of this book. I never felt condemned for the poor choices I’ve made throughout my life that took me off course and away from God, but rather, I felt God’s mercy, love and grace. I could hear Him telling me that He never stopped loving me or longing from my return to Him the whole time I was away.

Sin is such a tough subject to discuss, we all do it at some point, but few desire to hear about it, unless it’s in hindsight and even then, depending on the sin(s), most never want to think about it again. But, one quote that moves me to share my painful past and time in Ziklag is found in this quote that puts my desire to glorify God into words:

A man in regards to a sin he journeyed back from and being asked to help another person going through the same tough battle: “You know I hate that I’ve been through this experience. But I am thankful that God can use me to help others.” (Taken from Worn Out By Obedience)

Often, as the book points out, it’s when we stop leaning on God and listening to His counsel that we find we begin to drift away. It’s not always abrupt, often, the enemy chooses to do it more gradually and slowly, perhaps not to jar us. The sin then can certainly fly under that radar better, undetected. We soon find ourselves listening to our own self-counsel and if it’s not being influenced any longer by God, the enemy is more than happy to take up the role of being our guide through this life. Only bad thing, while God guides us into life, the enemy desires our destruction. But, when we are being wooed by sin, destruction is masked by the pleasure of the sin and we go willingly to the slaughter.

The time in Ziklag can blur our senses so much that we will either believe we have everything under perfect control or we will soon not care either way. If we are blessed, we will be awaken to our painful and destructive situation and then the question becomes, do we leave or do we stay in Ziklag? Life is filled with people that leave and those that have chosen to stay. Neither choice is easy and both can involve pain, but leaving will always lead us back into the arms of our loving Father and to life Jesus died for us to have.


Would I Recommend Worn Out By Obedience 

Without a doubt, yes! I would recommend this book for everyone. We either are battling sin ourselves, have recently or know others that are battling for themselves or may have recently. Why is it important even after you’ve left Ziklag to read such a book about getting out of such a place? Because if we fail to understand what led us there in the first place, we may be guided back there again someday. Also, if you’ve ever battled a deep painful or long-term sin, it can take a lot to remind us of how much God loves us, before the sin, during and afterwards. We can feel so insignificant and unworthy to draw closer to Him, but books like this remind us that the blood of Jesus, His finished work and Jesus Himself are what make us significant and worthy to be as close to God as we desire to be. And, I’m confident we will never want to be closer to Him than He longs to be to us.

I’d recommend this book for anyone that loves God, loves people and loves to see God glorified through the lives of others, sin and all. If hope fills you or if you are needing a refill of it, this is a book that will encourage you. It reminds us that while we may have once found ourself in Ziklag or we’re living there now, Ziklag is NOT our home…our home is in the arms of the One that created us, wrote our name on the palm of His hand and knows every hair on our head. Our present location or even our previous address, do not get to determine our eternal home, that privilege is left to our faith in Jesus alone.

This book is a book of hope, love, grace, mercy and God’s gentleness. It will encourage you and yet, give you a real look at what could have or can one day lead you to a place God never intended for you to be. But rest assure, if you’re in Ziklag now (that place of deep sin), you are loved by the One who created you and He longs to bring you back home again. You are never ever out of His reach or ear shot. Just call out to Him, He’s been waiting for you.

“Do not glare over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise” (Micah 7:8). With this Scripture, Ron Moore reminds us at the end of the book, with Jesus we can rise again, no matter how far we’ve fallen or how long we’ve been down. With Christ, there is always hope, peace, redemption, freedom and of course, love and forgiveness.

Finally, you may not be in sin or battling it currently, maybe you’re just feeling tired and worn out. Maybe you’ve over extended yourself and are positioned to be so worn down that you could soon find yourself leaving your place of serving God. This book will help you find the rest you in need in the arms of Christ, without losing your footing and ending up in Ziklag.


And, that’s a wrap…A Journey To Victorious Praying

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



“But––in the battle, in real time––we become spiritually fatigued, worn down by resisting temptation, exhausted from dealing with difficult people, weary from the emotion of disappointment, tired of waiting. We become worn out by obedience.”

-Ron Moore, Worn Out By Obedience


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