Book Review: The Glory of God

Author: Kenneth E. Hagin 

Publisher: Kenneth Hagin Ministries



Book Information: The Glory of God

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God is a God of glory! And in these last days, He is going to manifest His glory His Spirit as a supernatural sign for all to see. Using the Word as his foundation, Kenneth E. Hagin helps us gain a clearer picture of what Gods glory really is. He recounts his personal experiences of being caught up in the glory, and he encourages us that we can experience the same. Its time we expect to see the glory of God as never before!


There is a glory world, and sometimes that glory world is manifested in this world. When it is, it is by a supernatural manifestation of the power of God.


Book Review: The Glory of God

In The Glory of God, we get an opportunity to experience the glory of God. He reminds us of the immense wonders that God holds for us and many believers have yet to experience in their lives. I crave for God’s glory to meet me in each prayer session. Sometimes it’s an almost tangible presence and other times, it’s simply a knowing in my spirit that He is very much here with me… and other times, I don’t feel His presence at all.

I’ve a very visual person, with extremely vidid dreams in full action and full color. It may sound cool, but when they are bad dreams, dreams you don’t want to experience, it can be intense. I’ve had visions and have been able to see in the spirit a little bit, but nothing compares to being in God’s presence and even better if we can feel His Spirit, His presence descend to meet us where we are.

In The Glory of God, Kenneth shares the importance of waiting on Holy Spirit to be our guide, to not “try to cause a vision, trance, or other spiritual experience to happen.” By trying to manifest it ourselves, we cross from the blessings and goodness of God into the influence of demonic spirits. Clearly not what we would intend. We seek God first and His kingdom and trust that He will give us the experiences we both need and are ready for. He alone knows His plans for our lives, where our heart is and what we can handle.


What did I learn from The Glory of God?

I was reminded that it’s so easy to desire the gifts so much that you can lose sight of the gift giver. While all the supernatural experiences are amazing and available, they must be approached from the relationship we have with the One that make these experiences available to us. We never want to go into a supernatural experience without the guidance of Holy Spirit and an angelic escort if we would need one. Besides, trying to force these supernatural experiences apart from God will not be nearly as wonderful as it would be with Him and would in essence be putting our will before His.


Would I recommend The Glory of God?

Yes. If you are someone that craves God’s presence, then this is a book that will encourage you to continue to seek Him and follow His Spirit as He opens these experiences to you.

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. It’s currently only $0.99 on Kindle!

Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



A manifestation of the glory of God is a manifestation of the Spirit of God.

-Kenneth E. Hagin, The Glory of God


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