Book Review: Spirit Flood

Spirit Flood

Authors: Jennifer Miskov, Bonnie Inkster, Rosie McNeil

Publisher: Silver to Gold


Back Cover: Spirit Flood

SPIRIT FLOOD is a fusion of PhD research on revivals, a short biography on the most influential woman in the Divine Healing Movement in America, Carrie Judd Montgomery, and reflections from present day active ministers from around the globe who are hungry to see more of the Spirit’s outpouring for this generation. The essay included here looks at the significance that Spirit baptism played in early Pentecostal history at the Azusa Street Revival and how that emphasis may have declined. By looking at Carrie Judd Montgomery’s experience of Spirit baptism, possible ways that Spirit baptism can re-emerge and be translated into the 21st Century are presented.

The conversation about re-dsicovering what Spirit baptism looks like for today will cause you to cry out for more than just “fillings” of the Sprit. As Carrie Judd Montgomery once recalled, before her Spirit baptism she had “tiny streams,” but not “rivers of living water.” The time of breaking the dam has now come. Even if you have already once experienced the flooding of the Spirit, the rivers of living water are freely available today in new measures to all who ask.


Book Review: Spirit Flood

I picked up Spirit Flood at a very good time in my life as I’ve been desiring to draw ever closer to God. Along with this desire, a dear friend of mine recently reminded me of the wonders of praise. I’ve been hearing this recurring theme over the past few months of prayer, worship and spiritual warfare. I can often be slow at getting what God is trying to say to me and it takes Him repeating it several times, through several people and much patience on His part. Have you ever experienced this? For me it would be most frustrating, but oh our God, how patient He is with me as I sometimes struggle to not only hear Him, but to follow His lead.

Spirit Flood put some of my recent longings about the Holy Spirit into words. Here are some quotes that really hit home with me and perhaps they will ring true in your heart too.

“…a growing hunger in my own heart for more of the Holy Spirit,…”

“…the theme of being flooded by the Spirit has continue to grip me.”

“Even with her (Carrie Judd Montgomery) profound ministry, she admitted that she ‘grew still more thirsty for the rivers of living water. She said that she knew she ‘had tiny streams, but not rivers.'”

“She (Carrie Judd Montgomery) wanted to be open to all that the Spirit had to offer, even if it was not what she was used to.”

“The next time a strange phenomenon in relation to the work of the Spirit breaks out, hopefully people will be encouraged through Carrie’s example not to miss out on all that the Spirit might have for them just because it comes in a “strange” looking package.” 

I enjoyed this book. It gave a brief glimpse into the life of Carrie Judd Montgomery, who I had not heard of before reading this book and what a treat that was. Spirit Flood not only shared a glimpse into her childhood, but also a glimpse into some of her ministry. The focus of this book wasn’t simply on her life, but specifically her relationship to the Holy Spirit and her life after her Spirit Baptism. What awaits those that are willing to surrender all for the pursuit of all God has prepared for us? Sigh…that is my heart’s longing and current pursuit. Not for the sake of what He has for me, but for who He is and from Him, all we need for this journey, our calling and our daily battles will flow.

I’d recommend Spirit Flood for anyone that has a hunger of more of the Holy Spirit. I believe this will continue to woo you and help you press in for all God has for you.

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



Now, who is going to trust God for the winged life? You can crawl instead if you wish. God will even bless you if you crawl; He will do the best He can for you, but oh how much better to avail ourselves of our wonderful privileges in Christ and to ‘mount up with wings as eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint’…. May He reveal to you your inheritance in Christ Jesus so that you will press on and get all that He has for you.

-Carrie Judd Montgomery, 1910

Spirit Flood

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