Book Review: Quantum Faith

Quantum Faith

Author: Annette Capps

Publisher: Capps Publishing


Back Cover: Quantum Faith

  • How does quantum physics relate to the Bible?
  • Can words move mountains?
  • How did Jesus supersede the laws of physics?

There are amazing similarities between the teachings of Jesus and the discoveries of the new physics, quantum theory. The concept of speaking to mountains and tress may not be religious metaphor, but laws of new physics that have not been fully understood.

Jesus taught that our words are powerful enough to move physical matter. Quantum physics has discovered that subatomic particles respond to the observer.

In this book, you will discover that your words and your faith (beliefs) are unseen forces that affect everything in your world.

You are the one giving substance to your world through words!

Book Review: Quantum Faith

Quantum Faith is a book that is for anyone that loves science and more specifically physics. This is written in lay terms, so no need to feel intimidated if you are not comfortable with science. I really like physics and enjoyed the relationship the author found between what Jesus said and physics. It was interesting to see the science behind the power our words have. That life responds, good or bad, to the words we speak.

I’d recommend this book for anyone that would like to see how our words have an impact on our physical world. Also good to give to those that love science, but don’t understand how the Bible can agree with science. God made all things and in Him we can find all the answers to our questions. Science and faith were never meant to be separate. God made everything and I believe He finds great delight in the moments that He allows us to see the magnificence of His detailed work through science, especially if we see it through the lens of faith and allow what we see to speak of and glorify our Creator.

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Looking at it from a surface level, it would seem a ridiculous statement that Jesus made. How is it possible that spoken words would send a mountain into the sea? For the past 27 years, it has required faith on my part to believe that words are that powerful. Recent study in the area of quantum physics, however, has convinced me that what Jesus spoke is absolute scientific fact! 

—Annette Capps, Quantum Faith


Quantum Faith

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