Book Review: Praise: A Weapon of Warfare & Deliverance


Title: Praise: A Weapon of Warfare & Deliverance

Author: Frank Hammond

Publisher: Impact Christian Books, Inc.



Back Cover: Praise

PRAISE is a powerful weapon in deliverance and spiritual warfare. As you praise the Lord, things begin to happen in the unseen realm. 

In the Old Testament, the people of God didn’t have the name of Jesus as a weapon, but they did have praise. When Saul was troubles by an evil spirit, the only thing they knew to help him was to call David. What happened when David began to play on his harp and sing praise to his God?  The evil spirit departed from King Saul. You can see why praise was so important to those Old Testament saints. You can see why they developed such as lifestyle of praise. 

We are told to resist the devil and make him flee, and praise is an often overlooked and underused weapon to accomplish this. I want you to understand what your praise does in the spirit realm. A demon cannot exist in that atmosphere—he simply cannot function. Evil spirits have tormented us enough; through praise we get to turn the tables and torment them!


Book Review: Praise

What an encouraging book! Praise is 38 pages packed with reminders about how powerful the weapon of praise is for the believer. The book contains the following:

  • Hatred for God’s Weapons
  • The Weapon of Praise
  • Strange Weapons
  • Psalm 149- A Psalm of Praise Warfare
  • Praise is an Overflow of Gratitude
  • Praise is Catalyst to the Spirit Moving
  • Sometimes We Struggle to Enter into Praise
  • Praise Brings Triumph Over Demonic Spirits
  • Various Ways to Express Praise
  • The High Praises of God
  • To Punish and Torment Demons
  • Praise is Part of God’s Governmental Authority
  • Jehoshaphat Goes into Battle with Praise
  • Praise Causes Confusion in the Camp of the Enemy
  • Binding the Strongman and Taking His Treasures (Spoils)

This booklet will help the reader to get a whole new outlook and appreciation for using praise in spiritual warfare. 


My thoughts about Praise 

I love music, I love praise and worship, but I have to say that I haven’t thought of it as a viable and effective weapon of spiritual warfare. I have been known to spend hours in praise and worship. I still spend time in praise and worship, but not for extended periods of time that I once did. But, I believe it’s not how long you spend in praise and worship, but how much of your heart and mind you surrender to God in the time you do set aside. 

This book did a fantastic job of showing the effectiveness of using the weapon of praise in our daily spiritual warfare. Some of my favorite chapters was “Strange Weapons,” “Jehoshaphat Goes into Battle with Praise,” and “Praise Causes Confusion in the Camp of the Enemy.” While I learned a lot from the whole booklet, these chapters allowed me to see the weapon used in warfare, through Bible stories that I’ve been familiar with, but failed to see the weapon of praise in the stories. I mean, I knew they were praising, but I didn’t see praise as the weapon that actually brought on the victory for them. 

I have a new outlook and appreciation for using the weapon of praise to help defeat our enemy. Whether it’s through song, playing a musical instrument, sitting in absolute awe of God or through our testimony, we can overcome the enemy, by consistently and effectively using the weapon of praise to honor God and chase off the enemy. I believe Hammond is correct in saying that demons simply cannot live in that atmosphere, because they cannot function.

If we want the enemy’s attacks to have less affect on us, we can begin by setting up an environment that is not conducive to him wanting to set up camp near us. This reminds me of when the Israelites went to war with the Philistines and when the ark of the convent of the Lord got to the camp of the Israelites they all “shouted with a great shout,” the Bible says, “so that the earth rang again.” Next, we see the Philistines response was fear!

And when the Philistines heard the noise of the shout, they said, What meant the noise of this great shouting the camp of the Hebrews? And they understood that the ark of the Lord was come into the camp. And the Philistines were afraid, for they said, God is come into the camp. And they said, Woe unto us! for there hath not been such a thing heretofore. Woe unto us! who shall deliver us out of the hand of these mighty Gods? these are the Gods that smote the Egyptians with all the plagues in the wilderness. 1 Sam 4:5-8

Granted there was a defeat that soon followed this passage and the ark was taken, but the point is, our praise can make the enemy fear, not us, but the God we serve. In the case of this story, it was that God came into the camp, but for us, He dwells within us continually, once we are born again, promising never to leave us nor forsake us. How much more should our shouts be—day and night—that causes the atmosphere around us to change and the earth to ring with the glory of God! 

Have you ever been in a place so filled with palpable evil that you could not stand the thought of staying in that atmosphere for another second and looked for the fastest way out of there? This is what I believe the demonic realm experiences when we begin to truly praise God with all of our heart. The atmosphere shifts, it changes and becomes charged with the glory of the God we serve and I believe they are looking for the fastest way to get out of His presence! Praise God!

I don’t gloat or rejoice in the fact that they are subject to us, it’s like any warfare to me, it’s simply what must be done to achieve the marching orders we’ve been given. We must push the enemy aside to advance the kingdom, plus Jesus cautioned us not to find pleasure in this, but that our names are written in heaven. (see Luke 10:20) We are in a spiritual war more real than anything that we see in this world. We are fighting beings we cannot see, but we do see the evidence of their attacks on us, our loved ones and others in the world. Our job, is to follow the marching orders of our commander and chief (different from the earthly commander-in-chief, because Jesus is both our commander and our chief…our leader, our Lord, our King), to do His bidding at all cost and to use every single weapon He provides for us to use, to gain the victory for His pleasure, honor and glory. It just so happens that praise is a very wonderful and edifying weapon for us to use, that I believe truly sends the enemy running back to their own camp, in fear. 


Would I Recommend Praise 

Absolutely! You will never look at praise the same away again. This is a great gift for all believers that have yet to tap into the wonderful and powerful weapon of praise and worship. How amazing that God gave us such a power weapon, that as we wield it against the enemy, our God is also showing us how much He loves us and through Him we are MORE than conquerors. If you or someone you know is struggling with areas that may be under demonic attack, this book will help you not only stop the attacks and regain ground you lost, but will also help you advance the kingdom and help your fellow soldiers to do the same.


And, that’s a wrap… Praise

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



“…Paul says here you cannot use fleshy weapons, but you can use spiritual weapons and these are ‘mighty through God.’ These weapons seem to be foolish to the carnal mind, but they are entirely successful! They cannot know failure. The weapons that God puts in our hands are completely effective for the warfare that we have before us.” 

“We have provided a way of entrance for the Lord to come into our midst. He rides on the praises of his people, as if He is traveling on a highway directly to us!”1




1 Frank Hammond, Praise (Impact Christian Books), 4, 11 (love the imagery of that last quote, don’t you?)

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