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Title: Manifest Destiny: The Path Towards Wisdom

Author: Jamere Brown Spencer

Publisher: Jamere Brown Spencer


Back Cover: Manifest Destiny

Does God have an imagination? Is fasting really the key to answered prayers? Will you someday serve an an ambassador to the nations? What is a true Love? Do the stars contain hidden messages concerning your destiny? These answers and more await you in a place you least expect it! Learn to hear beyond the whispering wind. Learn to perceive beyond what is seen. And much more. 


Book Review: Manifest Destiny

I believe this is the first book by Jamere. It’s a book filled with encouragement and hope. His desire is to help us draw closer to God and to live out our destiny. He merges his personal experience, Bible stories and verses that help us to find direction in all we do.

Manifest Destiny covers the following:


  • Salvation
  • Wisdom
  • the Word
  • Light, Life, & Love
  • Your Identity
  • Your Father
  • the Secret Place
  • Vision, Hope, and Faith
  • to Wait
  •  Emptiness

Jamere shares his personal testimony and childhood, which makes this book all the more inspiring. Reading this, it’s easy to see God’s hand has been with him his whole life. And while he, like us all, could have made a choice not to follow God’s call on our life, he choose to heed to God’s call and follow Him where He leads and now, his desire is to help others to not only know their destiny, but more importantly, the Creator of their destiny.


My thoughts about Manifest Destiny

Jamere reached out to me on one of our FB pages to ask how he would go about having his book reviewed. Anyone that knows me well, knows how many books I’m often reading simultaneously and how many books I have on my to-be read (TBR) list. It can be overwhelming, if not for that fact that I love to read. When I initially saw the FB message, I struggled with how to reply. Prayerfully, I asked Holy Spirit, as I tend to do, to guide my words and help me to know how to reply. I did not want to make Jamere feel like I was putting his request off or to feel like his book was unimportant, while at the same time, honoring the commitments I’d already made, i.e. reading books I received from various publishers for review, as well as books I’m using to research for my own books that I’m writing.

I told Jamere that I would take a look at it, but could not promise when I ‘d get to it. I asked the topic of his book and he said it was about prayer. That is one of my favorite subjects to study and learn more about. Which of course moved me to buy his book on Kindle, still not knowing exactly when I’d be able to read it, but I knew Holy Spirit would guide the timing—both for Jamere’s benefit, as well as mine.

As I read the book, I realized that the book is not about prayer, but includes prayer. I don’t feel he deceived me at all and can see how he feels it’s about prayer. And if it is about prayer, then I missed the bulk of the book. To me, the book is about what the title and subtitle suggests, Manifest Destiny: The Path Towards Wisdom. I believe it is aptly titled. The book does include the topics of prayer, fasting and other areas of our faith that are important in our daily walk with the Lord and our relationship with Him, as well as in our pursuit to serve Him.

While I didn’t agree with everything he said in the book, I thought Jamere did a good job writing this book. And in fairness, I like to cover the things that I didn’t agree with, so that the readers of my review can understand where I’m coming from. Before I share those topics, I’d like to say that the things I didn’t agree with are not on issues that are of high doctrinal importance, like salvation and the deity of the triune Godhead—these were more of a matter of Scriptural interpretation. While there were several, I’ll only be discuss two in this review.

First, I do not believe we have already entered into the time of the Great Tribulation that the Book of Revelation warns us about nor are we seeing a good portion of it occurring. So that you know what perspective I’m coming from, I tend to take the Bible more literal than less. My basis for not agreeing is simply that while we can see some events happening that appear in Revelation, we don’t see them all. This is a matter of great debate among scholars and believers, so again, it’s not anything that surprises me to disagree with someone’s interpretation of the times we are in. I believe we will see the events of Revelation transpire in the way it says, so that those in that time can know what they will be up against and I believe that we will know (as mentioned in Daniel) the time it begins and for those living during that time will know to count seven years from the onset to the time of the physical return of our Lord Jesus to the earth, before the beginning of His millennial reign. Time will tell us where we are, as more things continue to unfold.

Secondly, I disagreed with his interpretation of the cause of the flood during Noah’s time. Based on my more recent studies, for my own books that I’m writing, my perspective has changed on what transpired leading to the flood and God’s purpose for the flood. While we can agree that it was sin that caused the flood, the sin derivative (who was responsible for the sin) and the nature of the sin differs. While I don’t disagree that mankind was sinning and in need of repentance, it goes so much deeper than that. 

These are topics of varying interpretations and great debate among scholars, as well as believers, so it’s not a reason to bring division and certainly no reason to keep anyone from reading and benefiting from Manifest Destiny.

I believe like his example of the “great falling away,” these are foreshadows of the tough times yet in front of us, before our Lord’s return to rule and reign. I do believe that we will continue to see more foreshadowing and the birth pangs that Jesus warned us about. I remember He said that those days (the Great Tribulation) will be worse than anytime in history. While things are currently very bad, they are not yet the worst, in my opinion. I don’t think we can nor want to imagine the days ahead that will be worse that the days of Noah that caused God to wipe out all living creatures, save eight people and two of every kind of animal, clean and unclean, one male and one female. It staggers the imagination to think of all the evil headed this way during those times, but unequally (because it surpasses all human comprehension) is reserved all the goodness that God has prepared for those that love Him and that are called according to His purpose. What will the new heaven and earth be like when God and Jesus once again dwell among their creation? As bad as bad is, it holds zero comparison or weight next to the goodness of God! One day, soon, by God’s grace, evil will take it’s rightful place in the eternal flame of fire and all our tears will be wiped away.

With that said, I’m confident that I’m among the few that remain that take the Bible more literally than less. For certain, we agree that we are in the last days. Again, time will tell us and I’m fully confident that I will look back and say, “Ah, that’s what that verse or verses meant!” We will one day, I hope, get a wonderful history lesson that will show us all that has transpired—both before and during our time here in the world we know.

Back to Jamere’s book, it’s a wonderful book that encouraged me to continue to pursue God with my whole heart and seek to serve Him in all that I do. The topics that I disagreed with aren’t even the basis of his book, only examples he was using and many readers of my review may agree with his interpretation of these topics. Certainly, I read many books that I will disagree with a point here and there, as I’m sure will happen with the books that I’m writing…not everyone will agree with everything I say, especially since I do tend to take the Bible more literally.

While I gleaned something from each chapter, one chapter that I really enjoyed was on identity. It’s so critical to know who we are, in order to know what we were created to do. If we don’t know who we are and who we belong to, it will make the enemy’s job much easier to keep us from our destiny and all God has for us. I’m glad I listened to Holy Spirit as He guided me to not only buy this book, but also to go ahead and move it up on my TBR. It blessed me and I believe it will bless you too.


Would I Recommend Manifest Destiny

Yes. While I believe this is written more for the new believer, I also believe that there is something wonderful to be gained by all believers. I believe it will do for you what it did for me, edify. I felt encouraged as I read Manifest Destiny. This would definitely be a wonderful book for any new believer, to help them know how to press into God and seek Him with all their heart. They will be encouraged and inspired to live daily for the lover of their soul.


And, that’s a wrap…Manifest Destiny

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



“We cannot allow what people say, no matter how qualified they are, to affect our belief in what God has done for us. I continue to refuse anything contrary to the Word of God. I had to refuse the identity the world wanted to place on me…Knowing your identity…can have a great impact on your self-perception. Notice the key word here is can. Just because you know something doesn’t guarantee you’ll walk in it in such a way that your knowledge brings success…My desire is that you understand who you are.” 

-Jamere A. Brown Spencer, Manifest Destiny

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