Book Review: Keto-Adapted

Author: Maria Emmerich

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform



Back Cover: Keto-Adapted

A ketogenic diet isn’t something new that has been recently formulated; people have been on a ketogenic diet for virtually three million years in which our brains were nurtured and evolved. Now the human brain is not only shrinking, but brain atrophy is the norm as we age and get plagued with diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

People mistakenly think that they need to eat less and exercise more to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. This is not how diet and exercise helps with weight loss. A well-formulated keto-adapted diet along with proper exercise builds muscle and muscle builds mitochondria. It is in the mitochondria where fat is oxidized so you can keep you cells and liver insulin sensitized. Weight loss and health is about healthy mitochondria and about controlling hormones and specifically insulin.

This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. By eating this way, you will begin to heal your cells and will keep evolving your body into the happy and healthy person you want to be. This book is filled with the most impeccable nutrition information to fuel your cells. Maria’s passion goes beyond explaining the ‘way’, she is a master in the kitchen and loves food. Her keto-adapted recipes at the end of the book tie all the nutrition together so you can become keto-adapted faster than ever.


“I wrote this book to help you understand where you may be going wrong with your grain- and sugar-free lifestyle.”

-Maria Emmerich


Book Review: Keto-Adapted

Maria packed this book with so much nutrition information that it could overwhelm some and yet, her writing style makes it easy to follow and understand. She does a great job accomplishing her mission for the book, to help us understand some of the driving forces behind why we gain weight and how we can make better choices to improve our health.

The book covers what keto is, what does it mean to be keto-adapated and goes a step further to explain what it means to be well-formulated keto-adapated. She shares the health benefits of the keto lifestyle, supplements we may need to help us become well-formulated, along with how keto can impact exercise and performance. She closes the book with information on healing autoimmune diseases with keto-adaptation and shares both happy fats and yummy recipes.

She also explains how we can switch from being a sugar (glucose) burner to a fat (ketone) burner. In addition, she shares foods that have far more sugar in them than we realize. Why is this important? Because foods that we believe or have been told are good and healthy for us, may in fact be the very reason we are not getting keto-adapated and/or continuing to struggle with our weight and health.


My thoughts about Keto-Adapted

While I don’t agree with the perspective of evolution, this is a minor issue in the book that I was able to overlook. It’s well written and thorough. At times, I found that there was a bit too much detail for what I was looking for,  which was a how-to book on getting keto-adapted. And yet, I’m a science gal, so it didn’t take me long to settle back and appreciate all the great information. While all this additional information may not be useful to me, it may benefit someone else I know. She covers a wide range of diseases, illness and conditions. For some, this will be very informative and helpful, but for others, this may seem a little overwhelming, especially if they are like me and pick up this book as a guide for how-to get started.

Let me just say, for me, it doesn’t cover the how-to-get-started portion in an easy to find manner. Rather, it’s sprinkled in among a lot of information. You will just have to wade through some of the additional information to get what you need to get started. With that being said, you will learn which foods are best to not only get you keto-adapted, but also to stay keto-adapted. In addition, you will learn what supplements will help you get keto-adaptated and can heal your body. I believe most people hope their “clean diets” will provide this, but sadly…most don’t.

While I appreciated all the amazing testimonies in the book, I felt that it slowed down the reading pace. For me, it would have been better to have the testimonies at the end of the book. Again, I was looking for the nuts and bolts of how to get started with the keto lifestyle. With that being said, I did appreciate her heart to encourage, as well as educate.


Would I Recommend Keto-Adapted

Yes. If you’re looking for a well written book on how to get keto-adapated and don’t mind learning a bit about various disease and conditions, along with reading several wonderful testimonies, I believe this book won’t disappoint.

It’s a great book, no doubt. It’s packed with a lot of helpful information. Again, if you’re looking for a quick how-to book for starting the ketogenic diet/lifestyle, it will require digging through additional information to acquire what you’re looking for. The nuts and bolts are there, they’re just part of a well-oiled machine that moves towards helping the reader to better understand what it means to be keto-adapated and how following this lifestyle holds the potential for amazing weight lose, healing and overall better health.


And, that’s a wrap…Keto-Adapted

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click here or on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon. Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



“Nothing frustrates me more than getting a Band-Aid for the symptoms and not addressing the underlying cause of my issues. The prescription doesn’t fix what is causing the problem, it only covers up the symptoms. If you also want to start treating the cause of your health problems (not just the symptoms), this book is for you!”

-Maria Emmerich, Keto-Adapted

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