Book Review: Praying To Get Results

Praying To Get Resutls

Author: Kenneth E. Hagin

Publisher: Rhema Bible Church



Back Cover: Praying To Get Results

Rules for Effective Prayer

In this important handbook on prayer, Kenneth E. Hagin shows the believer how to get his prayers answered. Effective praying, he explains, is the result of following certain biblical principles outlined in this book.

He shows from Scripture that results often come from exchanging the prayer of petition for praise. “We need time of waiting on God and ministering to the Lord—times when we’re not asking for anything,” he says. He exhorts Christians to cast their cares on the Lord once they have prayed, and he shows how united prayer gets results.

In the final chapter entitled, “Paul at Prayer,” Rev. Hagin shows what the Apostle Paul wrote about effective praying. Rev. Hagin also reveals the great benefits that came to his own life after praying Paul’s prayers in Ephesians.

Book Review: Praying To Get Results

Praying To Get Results is a wonderful little book that reminds of the truths in God’s Word regarding prayer. It reminds us the importance of praise when we are seeking God, so that we are seeking Him more than His hand. I was reminded about the effects fear and worry have on my prayer life and the answers I’ve prayed for. There is great power in coming into agreement with others and having others pray for you. Finally, Praying To Get Results covers some of Paul’s prayers and how we can better our prayer life by his examples. I was also reminded of the importance of keeping my words, belief and faith aligned with God’s Word as I pray. This book is well written and an easy read with plenty of Scriptural references to allow you to speak God’s truths into your life each day.

I’d recommend Praying To Get Results for anyone that is struggling to get answers to their prayers. I appreciated that the author used Scripture to support his teachings on prayer. I like the stories he shared to illustrate the principles that he was teaching too. Another great little book that you can fit in your pocket or purse and read it on the go.

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon.

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You have to profess and believe God even though the things you desire in prayer haven’t manifest yet. You have to stand your ground. If someone question you, tell them that you believe God heard you. Tell them that you don’t care what the devil says, because you believe God and His Word.

—Kenneth E. Hagin, Praying To Get Results 

Praying To Get Resutls

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