Book Review: How To Conquer Strife

How to Conquer Strife

Author: Kenneth Copeland

Publisher: Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc.



Back Cover: How to Conquer Strife

Peacemakers. As children of God, that’s what we’re called to be. But can you really live in a world full of strife without being drawn into the conflict?


Book Cover: How to Conquer Strife

How to Conquer Strife is a great little book packed with helpful tips on how to begin to avoid strife in your life. Caution: While reading this book, I found myself in a moment of strife with my husband, lol. Not good. He’s asked what’s going on, this isn’t like you. I said I didn’t know, until the Holy Spirit reminded me that I was reading a book on strife. Oh my! I was reminded to be mindful of what I read and be prayerful while I’m reading it. The moment of strife with my wonderful hubby allowed me to put these lessons I was learning into immediate practice. While I’d rather avoid the strife, it was nice to be able to apply the principles of the Bible right away and see the benefits from it.

In How to Conquer Strife, the author provides Scripture to help us avoid strife and if it can’t be avoided, then how to lovingly navigate our way through it. While we live on this earth, the author reminds us, there will always be strife, so we might as well learn what God’s Word says about it, but knowledge without application won’t do us too much good, so, thankfully, we also learn ways to apply these principles in our own lives.

I’d recommend How to Conquer Strife for anyone that deals with strife…that would be just about everyone alive today. Perhaps it’s at home, at work, in family relationships or friendships. No matter where it appears in your life, there is a way out of it. The Bible tells us how God would have us deal with strife and how we can continue to shine in the midst of it. Finally, the author also reminds us that it’s important to praise God and watch Him do wonderful things in our situations of strife, if we will walk with Him and according to His Word, trusting Him with the outcome of the situation.

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



The fight is on—at every level. Strife is separating nation from nation, brother from sister and husband from wife. The conflict comes in varying degrees, from minor disagreements at the office to bomb-dropping border disputes between nations. But one thing is certain, if you life in this world, you’re going to have to deal with strife! And, as a believer, you’ll have to deal with it in your own life—severely. Strife isn’t something you can treat casually. It’s a deadly enemy.

—Kenneth Copeland, How to Conquer Strife 

How to Conquer Strife

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