Book Review: Discerning the Voice of God

Discerning the Voice of God

Author: Priscilla Shirer

Publisher: Moody Publishers


Back Cover: Discerning the Voice of God

Is that You, God?

Wherever you are in your spiritual walk, God will find a way to speak to you in a way you will understand. Become acquainted with the Voice that has spoken from a fire and a cloud; with visible signs and an invisible Spirit; through a burning bush and burning hearts.

Now with Chapter Challenges that help you hear His voice more clearly in your life.


Book Review: Discerning the Voice of God

Discerning the Voice of God is such a great book! I’ve been seeking to hear God’s voice better, through various teachings and books. This book is a must read for anyone that desires to hear more of God’s voice in their life. I find Priscilla’s writing style so easy to read and apply.

In Discerning the Voice of God, Priscilla offers ways we can know if we are hearing God’s voice or not. This is so critical. Have you ever thought you heard God’s voice so clearly or known someone that said they clearly heard something from God, that just seemed out of character with God and didn’t line up with His Word? Well, this book will help you to know if what you are hearing is from God or not, for your own life or for anyone that is asking you for your advice.

What did Discerning the Voice of God teach me? It taught me why I might not being hearing from God at different times in my life, what keeps me from knowing clearly it’s His voice, rather than the enemy’s voice and to be able to clearly identify His voice in all the distractions and noise of today. It also gave me hope to be able to better discern His voice in the days to come. But, like Priscilla said, sometimes, in our best efforts and faith, we will still get it wrong and yet, we can count on our gracious Father to patiently navigate us back to His will and plan for us. This also gave me peace and the faith to move forward as I seek to hear His voice more clearly each day.

I’d recommend Discerning the Voice of God for anyone that longs to hear God’s voice, at all, more frequently, more clearly or all the above. This book is for anyone that wants to be more confident that they are hearing God’s voice for the plans and direction of their life. It’s also a great book for anyone that counsels a lot of people, but unsure that they are giving advice according to God’s leading. Let’s face it, we can be so fallible, but God, He can never fail and the better we are able to hear and discern His voice, the better we can trust we are moving in the right direction for our lives and helping others to do the same, for His glory.

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



The apostle Paul, writing in the New Testament, reminds us that the difference between the relationship we have with the one true God and the relationship pagans have with their idols is that their gods are silent. (see 1 Corinthians 12:2) 

This conversational nature of our relationship with the Almighty makes our faith unique. It isn’t based on rules or regulations, on rugged pilgrimages to make, or sacred rivers to bathe in. The foundation of our faith is on sweet fellowship with God, who clearly, biblically, wants our relationship with Him to be both intimate and interactive.

I mean, come on, do you really think He loved you enough to die for you, but not enough to talk to you?

—Priscilla Shirer, Discerning the Voice of God


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Discerning the Voice of God

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