Book Review: Creating Character Emotions

Creating Character Emotions

Author: Ann Hood

Publisher: Story Press Books



Creating Character Emotions Back Cover Blurb

In this unique book, Ann Hood will help you find fresh, creative images, words and gestures to evoke feelings in your fiction. In 36 “mini-lessons,” Hood sheds new light on love, hate, fear, grief, guilt, hope, jealousy and other major emotions. Each lesson offers instruction on rendering that particular sentiment; “good” and “bad” examples illustrating how writers have succeeded and where others have gone wrong; and imaginative exercises for putting the feeling into words.


Book Review: Creating Character Emotions

Creating Character Emotions is a book that helps writers to learn the right and wrong ways for conveying many common emotions into writing. Each chapter gets its own emotion. The emotion is covered with a reflection from Ann Hood. Ann presents good and bad examples from sample writing to help us to understand the dos and don’ts of portraying the emotions. There are also exercises with each chapter to help us immediately apply the lesson we just learned.

I’d recommend this book for anyone that struggles with putting their character’s emotions into writing. It’s easy to grab cliches and it’s easier to tell verses show, but what sets great writers apart is their ability to help the readers feel and experience what the characters do. We can do for easy writing or we can go for life-impacting writing. The choice is ours to make each time we sit down to pen or type our next novel. While I didn’t care for all the examples used (not my reading preferences), I do believe that Creating Character Emotions can help you achieve a better level of writing from page one to the end.

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When written well and convincingly, they [emotions] lead us to more genuine characters who act and speak and think in a richer way. Emotions lead us to more believable plot twists and turns, enhance dramatic tension, help to illustrate themes. In short, they inform every aspect of our fiction.

-Ann Hood, Creating Character Emotions


Creating Character Emotions

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