Book Review: Confessions Of A Control Freak

Confessions of a Control Freak

Author: Priscilla Knox Morrison

Harvest House Publishers


Confessions Of A Control Freak Back Cover:

Trying to Manage the Universe? How’s That Working for You?

Everyone knows a control freak when they see one. The woman whose kids have to file their socks. The man who needs to schedule every second of the family road trip. The person who has to chair every committee, just in case someone else tries to make a decision.

Sound familiar? We all struggle to some degree with situations that are beyond our control, from car problems to bad weather to sudden tragedies. Can we ever find peace in a world where things just don’t cooperate?

We can. With personal stories and wisdom from Scripture, Priscilla Knox Morrison explores steps to help you

  • give God control of your reputation, finances, career, and family
  • replace fear of people with fear of the Lord
  • put aside worry and embrace an unknown future

With these practical ways of applying the gospel to your life, you’ll find the power to restore broken relationships, renew your walk with God, and let go of your need to control. Join Priscilla on the journey!


Book Review: Confessions Of A Control Freak

 Confessions Of A Control Freak is hard-hitting and to the point. But, never preachy, judging or unkind. It appears to be written from a place of empathy and love. Priscilla speaks from personal experience and shares her struggles and the wisdom she’s learned from those struggles.

Confessions Of A Control Freak offers insights into how a controlling person thinks and responds to life. How do you know if you are a control freak and if this book might be for you? Priscilla offers these traits that may help you decided if you battle with control issues:

  • nagging others
  • trying to orchestrate outcomes
  • butting into others’ affairs
  • worrying about things beyond your control
  • feeling anxiety about the future
  • never feeling peaceful
  • needing everything to be in perfect order

I’m not sure most control freaks know that they have issues with control, but those around them often know the signs all too well. If you’ve ever thought you had it all under control or found yourself in a tailspin with the slightest change of plans, or experience little peace with your family, friends, and coworkers, then this book might be for you. If you live with someone that has control issues, this book may help you to understand what makes them tick and how to help them overcome their battles, with prayer and God’s help.

Would I recommend this book? Yes! I used to be so anxious about our future and worrying about what was beyond my control. So, being a recovering control freak myself I thought this was a great book. I wish I would have had this in my hands 20 years ago. Confessions Of A Control Freak is well written and easy to read. It’s filled with hope and practical tips to help anyone that battles with control issues to find a better way to live. It helps us to remember who is ultimately in complete control and how we can learn to surrender ourselves to Him and trust Him with all areas of our life.

I hope you found this review helpful. If so, please share it with your family and friends, so they can learn about this great book too. You can click on any image of the book on this page to see it on Amazon.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review and God bless!



“Real freedom and deliverance comes from being consciously aware that one is not in control.”

-Priscilla Knox Morrison

Confessions of a Control Freak

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