Book Review: Clout


Author: Jenni Catron

Publisher: Thomas Nelson



Clout Back Cover:


We all long for significance, even as we fear we will never be good enough. We listen for God, but hear only voices of doubt and practicality. Listen again. There is a call that only you can answer.

Clout is power and influence. It is an undeniable trait that opens doors and moves mountains. You have it, and you can use it to change the world around you. With Scripture and stories from her own life, Jenni Catron maps out the pitfalls and clear paths on the way toward discovering and unleashing your own clout.


Book Review: Clout

Wow,¬†Clout hit me right between the eyes! I had no idea that I had clout. I’ve struggled most of my life to find my purpose and my calling. I struggle to discover what my God-given influence is. How about you? If you answered yes to any of those questions you will benefit from reading Clout.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve experienced one or all of these clout killers: fear, comparison, jealousy, scarcity, insecurity, pride and/or control. Jenni Catron teaches us that these are weapons the enemy uses to keep us from discovering and living out our God-given influence. She reminds us that we can’t know who we are, until we know who God is, because we are made in His image and to know yourself, you must first know your Creator. When we know Him, we will also know His voice and when we know His voice, we can know where He is leading us and where He desires for us to use the God-given talents, gifts and influence that He has given us.

I’d recommend Clout for anyone that is struggling with any of the clout killers mentioned above, for anyone that is ready to step into the plan and life that God has created you for and for those that have struggled to find their purpose, path, calling and influence. It’s time to discover the influence that God has given you and to live the life He has planned just for you. It’s time to find your clout.

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Clout is the influence that God has given to you and to no one else. You are specifically designed to impact the world in a way that no one else can. Discovering your clout is an essential part of unleashing your purpose. You have a specific purpose, a calling, that only you are qualified to fulfill. Your God-given influence defines your purpose. Your purpose establishes your leadership. Your leadership makes a mark on the world. 

-Jenni Catron, Clout



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